A Brief Introduction to Richmond, Surrey


Today, Richmond is a town in London rather than Surrey. Is about nine miles away from the city centre and has a population of over twenty thousand. A popular place for commuters to live, it is a convenient location due to its close proximity to the centre of London.

It lies on the southern side of the River Thames straight opposite East Twickenham. Richmond is a popular place to live in London due to its enviable reputation. It has plenty of attractive facilities and features and is widely considered to be one of the nicer places to live in the Greater London region.

Due to its high reputation and pleasant surroundings, the property values in the area are amongst the highest in greater London. It is also been home to a number of notable residents over the years and there are a number of historic and natural or tributes to the place which make it even more pleasant to live in.

One of the most famous landmarks of Richmond was the former Richmond Palace. This particularly large and impressive building however was mostly destroyed in 1649. Much of the structure was demolished and the materials reused for building other structures nearby. However, certain structures do still stand including the trumpeter’s house and the gatehouse and these can still be visited by tourists today.

Richmond also has a large amount of parkland in spite of its urban area. It is decorated plentiful he with large green and open spaces which are easily accessible to the public. One of the most notable of the parks is the Old Deer Park.

The particularly attractive and notable areas include the Terrace Gardens and Richmond Hill. Of the most notable buildings in the area, The Royal Star and Garter Home is a spectacular mansion of epic proportions.

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