ACNH DLC Vacation Homes: Everything You Can Customize

Animal Crossing New Horizons is getting a major update on November 5th, 2021, as well as a new DLC that will introduce a variety of unique customization options. The Happy Home Paradise expansion gives players the chance to get to work by designing vacation homes for various island resort goers, and nearly everything about the homes is customizable. From the exterior design to interior decorations and furniture, players will have the freedom to fulfill their visions and create their customers’ dream homes.

Players will also have the opportunity to customize towns in Happy Home Paradise, being able to build schools and restaurants. Along with island resort customizations, players will eventually be able to take these new options back to their island and offer remodels to residents. The unique customizations will create more diversity and personality in every home on the main island, and players can test out new designs while working at the resort. Some of the customization options will be available right away while others, like wall partitions, need to be unlocked.

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There are plenty of new features included in Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ DLC, some of which won’t be available right away. To unlock additional customization options, players will need to continue designing new vacation homes. New features, like changing the interior size or creating partition walls, will become available as players advance in their careers. Players can also go back to previously modeled homes to change or add to them once these new abilities are unlocked. Customization is available for just about everything inside and outside of vacation homes.

ACNH Happy Home Paradise DLC: Interior Customization

ACNH DLC Custom Interior Design

There are a lot of game-changing updates in the ACNH DLC, including various home customization options. To start designing homes, players will choose an island to place a vacationing character, then unpack their preset furniture. After that, players will have the freedom to customize the house as they see fit. It’s important to meet the character’s requests, but players can choose their flooring, wallpaper, furniture, and lighting fixtures. Each wall can have a different wallpaper, and most of the available furniture is individually customizable as well. The color or pattern of nearly any piece of furniture, like a bed or table, can be chosen from built-in presets, but there will be a list of suggested furniture for each house so players aren’t overwhelmed by choices.

Once unlocked, players can use these new Animal Crossing features to add partition walls, different size counters, and support pillars to the home. The new walls and columns can be designed to match the home and separate or create different rooms. There are two counter heights, and various patterns to choose from, that can be used as kitchen islands, window seats, or anything else that fits the player’s needs. The interior size, lighting, and soundscapes are also customizable, but they’re chosen from built-in presets. Adding atmospheric controls to vacation homes will let players assist characters in expressing their individuality through these new features.

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Although each character will have a vision for their dream home, the player has the ability to customize the home any way they want. Every design choice can be used to further please the customer and earn a new type of currency in ACNH. Having a large clientele of satisfied customers will advance the player’s career, so customization is essential to unlocking more abilities. Along with complete control of the interior and how each home is set up, players can also make creative design choices in ACNH Happy Home Paradise through exterior customization.

ACNH Happy Home Paradise DLC: Custom Exterior

ACNH DLC Custom Exterior Setting

Giving each home a unique interior is only half of the design process for dream vacation homes. The outside of the house, including its location on the property and how the yard looks, is fully customizable. The first exterior choice comes when players decide which island to place a customer on. There are various environments available, like beaches, deserts, or forests. Characters may have specific requests for where their home is, or players can base their choice on what they think will work best with the customer’s interior requests.

Players will have the ability to change each home’s exterior look by choosing from a list of available home designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There are a variety of house shapes and colors with different roofs available to choose from. The home can be changed to match the environment or better reflect the interior design. A fence can also be added to enclose or accent the property, and players will be able to customize the yard with a variety of available items and construction options.

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Pathways can be added to the property to decorate the yard and draw attention to specific features players have previously introduced. Players can add customized furniture outside that matches the interior or the customer’s requests, and some of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ trees can be planted as well. There is a function to add and quickly grow trees in the yard, which will be especially helpful for characters that request a forest environment. Along with construction and furniture choices, players will be able to control the season, time of day, and the weather outside of the home. These atmospheric effects, such as setting the exterior to a rainy fall day or a sunny summer afternoon, will accentuate the other design choices. Every exterior customization choice will enhance the overall quality of the vacation home, so players should expect to spend a good portion of their time creating the perfect yard.

ACNH DLC Interior Customizations

These ACNH design ideas can be applied to vacant buildings as well, so players can completely customize the resort with restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other important buildings. Customizing the interior and exterior of a vacation home helps build a solid reputation as a designer, which leads to customization and remodeling on the player’s home island. The new features can also be used in the player’s home, which can be decorated with exclusive Happy Home Paradise furniture.

With an abundance of new customization options, players will be able to create truly unique dream homes for their island resort customers. These techniques can later be applied to vacant resort structures and residents’ homes on the main island. Animal Crossing: New HorizonsHappy Home Paradise DLC gives players much more freedom with home customization and the opportunity to earn an income by designing diverse dream homes.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise DLC will be available on November 5th, 2021 for Nintendo Switch.

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