Ants and Bird Mites Invading Your House? Here Are Some Handy Tips.

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Finding ants in your house can be bugging. These troublesome pests will mess up your home, including your bedroom, hall, and kitchen. They not only demolish and ransack your property but can also cause stinging bites and harm to plants all around you. However, escaping or getting rid of an ant invasion can be a really daunting task. Dry and hot weather in Australia makes it more difficult to control them.

Facing an Ant Problem? Let’s Find Out How To Get Rid Of Them:

When ants invade our house, it is impossible to know what types of germs they may carry. Garden or Black ants do not pose a threat, but you won’t entertain them marching through your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living area. Tiny piles around holes in soil indicate their existence and are tell-tale signs that your home is encountering an ant threat.

As I was concerned about an ant invasion in my house, I encouraged my peers to search for the specialists performing the best ant inspections near me. Our primary motive was reducing ant infestations and keeping our home ant-free.

Here are some handy tips that even professional ants pest control Brisbane suggest.

  • Always cover the eatables- This will prevent the ants from crawling inside the plate.
  • Wash off the dirty dishes and utensils immediately.
  • Clean the food debris once the food is prepared.
  • Garbage cans and dustbins should be tightly closed to prevent the entry of ants into them.
  • Dispose of your pet’s food once your pet has finished eating.

Most species of ants visit your home in search of food. They are attracted to anything sweet and sticky. Keeping this in mind, it is essential not to leave anything tempting for them on the kitchen platform. Further ants pest control Brisbane also provides ant repellents and ant deterrent measures to safeguard your home from ant infestations.

But if you’re thinking that you have already been covered, you’re mistaken! Bird mites might be some of the most obnoxious and persistent critters. Read ahead to get rid of these species. 

Bird Mites and Health Risks Associated with A Bird Mite Infestation:

Bird Mites most commonly found in Australia are associated with bird species such as pigeon, sparrow mynahs, and starlings. Although bird mites are incapable of infesting skin, hair, and clothing in humans, they can bite people leading to body rashes, itching, and irritation. Bird mites specialists near me revealed that bird mites in Australia do not transfer micro-organism. They are simply pests that bite humans and causes irritation.

Health Risks Due to A Bird Mite Infestation:

  • Skin Problems:

Some mites cause irritation and redness around the armpits, ankles, and areas where clothing is tight against the skin. Such bites can result in red marks and rashes around the infected area.

  • Itching:

Excessive itching and burning sensation can lead to severe infections due to bird mites. Skin problems may usually occur within a day or two after the bite. c usually recommends anti-itching medications to relieve redness and itching symptoms.

  • Allergies:

People living with dust allergies can develop severe allergic reactions due to dust mites that stay under carpets and furniture. The waste products of mites can become airborne, and people may inhale them accidentally, leading to allergic conditions. Watery eyes, blocked noses and continuous sneezing are common allergies encountered by bird mites.

How to Detect A Bird Mite Infestation?

It is complicated to notice the pest infestations with naked eyes until the pest grows in number and starts digging your house. Ant Inspections Brisbane and bird mites inspection team can help you monitor signs of pest infestations real fast. Further, homeowners and other family members can notice the infestation when they feel severe allergic reactions during the morning hours after waking up.

How to Prevent A Bird Mite Infestation?

Once you notice mites and ant presence in your house, it becomes necessary to prevent further entry and growth. 

  • Removing weeds and mowing your lawn regularly can prevent the entry of mites into the house.
  • The leaf litter should be kept at a fair distance from your home to avoid infection and mite infestation.
  • Keeping pets clean is also a necessary step in preventing mite invasion in Australia.
  • The occurrence of mite can be prevented by regular cleaning of carpets and surfaces through vacuuming.
  • Dust mites and bird mites commonly live near mattresses. Hence it is necessary to provide extra attention to bedrooms and living areas. 

Summing Up:

The ant inspections Brisbane and pest control technicians in Australia provide you with the most effective and appropriate solutions in controlling ants and bird mites in your house. Contacting pest control services in Australia like Ecoguard Pest Control will not only help you in removing pest infestations successfully, but their treatment is safe and eco-friendly. Hence, you need not be concerned about the impact such pest control operations will have on the environment and your family.