Best smart display 2022: Top 5 displays compared

Display: 14-inch | Cameras: 12-megapixels | Smart Assistant: Alexa  | Dimensions: 9.87 x 12.31 x 3.86-inches | Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.1

Yes, we’ll admit no one really wants to let Meta, formerly known as Facebook, put a mic and a camera in their home — except maybe grandma and grandpa. Admit it… They love Facebook! 

With that in mind, perhaps the best way to video chat with them will be over Messenger using one of Facebook’s smart displays, such as the recently revamped Portal Plus which features a large 14-inch display that tilts and adjusts for the ideal viewing angle.  

Facebook has expanded the video calling features of the Portal line beyond Messenger, adding WhatsApp and Zoom to the list of supported platforms. 

The Portal Plus is Alexa compatible, allowing you to control devices around your home or use it as you would any other Echo device. And if you really want to embrace Meta’s platform, the Portal has its own AI you can summon with “Hey Portal.”

Portal Plus stands out to us because of its smart camera. The lens is a 12MP sensor with a 131-degree field of view. It will automatically follow people around the room, shifting to either focus on a speaker or to include all the faces in the room. It’s also capable of amplifying your voice from across the room. 

Facebook is also well aware of its public perception, so it included a handy little cover for the camera and made it possible to disconnect the four microphones in the device by pressing a button on top.


  • Giant display
  • Everyone has a Facebook account


  • Not everyone trusts Facebook/Meta