Crystal Chandelier and LED Bulbs – Benefits of This Lighting System

Crystal chandeliers are installed with LED bulbs. You will find many options in the world of LED lights for crystal chandeliers. LED bulbs are actually ecofriendly products and are most preferred bulb types for crystal chandeliers.

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Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are a type of chandeliers that are considered as the modern chandelier system. As the name says, they are designed with glass as the basic material and it brings out a rich vibe in the place where they are installed. Normally, crystal chandeliers are installed in the patio, bedroom and stairs, and even in the long stretched living room.

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LED Lighting System

LED bulbs are the most preferred bulb types for the crystal chandeliers. If you install LED bulbs with higher luminescence in the crystal chandeliers, then your room will become brighter every time you switch on the chandelier light.

LED bulbs are available in different designs and lumen. a 40W bulb means it gives out 450 lumens of light. a 60W LED bulb gives out 800 lumens light, a 75W bulb gives out 1100 lumens of light and so on. You can find the right LED bulb that cannot brighten the room than what you need.


Before finalizing a chandelier to your home, you should first consider the available dimension and height from the ceiling for the chandelier installation. Once you understand the available space, then you can have a look at the types of chandeliers that are available within your requirement list.

Modern Chandeliers

Modern chandeliers are designed in such a way that they fit perfectly with the idea of the modern furniture system. Finding the right one for you is the best way of beautifying your home.

How to Find the Right Chandelier?

You have to give importance to many factors here, while choosing the right crystal chandelier for your home. Some are listed below.

  • Chandelier Positioning

Position of the chandelier is an important task to consider while finding the right kind of crystal chandelier for your home. You have to give importance to some factors here such as,

  1. Symmetry
  2. Aesthetic
  3. General Light
  • Brightness

The brightness of the bulb system can be chosen based on your requirement. If you like to have a brighter environment, then choose the bulb that has the highest luminescence. Bulbs with low luminescence can become an ideal choice, if you prefer low light ambiance.

  • Installation Height

The available height from the ceiling, where you can install a chandelier, can help you decide the chandelier of the right height in your home. You can find the chandelier of the right height based on this option.

Crystal chandeliers will never fail to add a sense of rich ambiance to your room. Find the right lighting system and enjoy a bright or romantic setup.