Classic Blue is the color of the year, presented by Pantone, the color forecaster. Calm and reassuring, Classic Blue provides a solid foundation as we enter a new decade of high speed digital development. With technology racing ahead into unknown terrain, the notion of something classic is reassuring and comforting. Classic Blue is the antidote to the stress of a high-tech environment and counteracts the yang overdose of a digital lifestyle. Classic Blue offers protection and refuge, providing shelter for self-preservation.

Feng Shui endorses Blue as a yin color which has benefits confirmed by medical research. Heart and breathing rates slow down in a blue environment, muscles relax and blood pressure goes down. Blue décor and table settings can diminish food cravings and thus aid dietary needs and weight loss.

Blue is introspective and covers a wide range on the emotional spectrum of feelings, stretching from confidence and reassurance on one end to the down side of feeling blue at the other end. Therefore, personal needs always have to be taken into consideration when Feng Shui adjustments are recommended.

Pyramid Feng Shui, the most contemporary, science-based practice of Feng Shui, associates the entrance sector of the Bagua map with the Self and Now. This area is attibuted to North and the Water element, with blue and black as supportive colors. The entrance to our space needs to resonate with the notion of refuge and shelter with a sense of having arrived at our personal sanctuary.

Introducing Classic Blue as the color of “crossing the threshold,” Pantone, describes it as “instilling calm, confidence and connection as this enduring blue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

Blue has always been the most popular color of the American male who has a tendency to be self-engaged and self-focused. Blue is favored by conservative people, inviting trust and reliability. In a blue suit a man feels important and secure and expects to be respected.

In the world of traditional Compass School Feng Shui, Lillian Too warns of the number 7 in the center of the 2020 Feng Shui chart as indicating violence. She recommends water and adjustments with the color blue as the antidote and protection from discordant energies.

Connotations for embracing Classic Blue in our color scheme:

Classic Blue is

• A restful color

• Reassuring and dependable

• Non-aggressive

• Comforting

• Secure

• Reliable

Classic Blue instills

• Peace and tranquility

• Refuge and shelter

• Protection

• Relaxed interaction

• Confidence

• Resilience

• Respect

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