How Long Does A Lawn Mower Last In 2022?


The average life expectancy of a lawn mower is between eight to 10 years. This time frame is only applicable to lawnmowers that receive proper maintenance and care. There are other factors that may influence this range, such as frequency of use and the size of your lawn.

Many lawn mowers can be quite an investment. Before you spend all your hard-earned cash on one, it is important to understand how long it will last and whether it’s actually worth it. 

While it would be great to purchase a lawn mower that’s going to last you a long time, you also need to remember that it should deliver quality results as well, or else it’s just not going to be worth it. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the lifespan of a lawn mower and the factors that could potentially influence a lawnmower’s life expectancy.

General Life Expectancy Of Lawn Mowers

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You can expect most lawn mowers to be fully functional for more than 10 years if they’re taken care of and maintained regularly. However, if your lawnmower isn’t well maintained, it might last just three to four years. And if it’s used recklessly or not stored correctly, it probably won’t last longer than two years. 

Most lawnmower manufacturers measure life expectancy by hours of use. A lawn mower with a small engine should last between 300 to 500 hours, while a lawn mower with a large engine will last 750 to 1,000 hours. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a garden tractor or a lawn tractor, because both have the same life expectancy.

In terms of lawn mower maintenance, the most common reason why your lawn mower will need to visit a repairman is if its blades have become dull and need to be sharpened, or replaced if they’re beyond repair. 

Factors That Influence A Lawn Mower’s Life Expectancy

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Frequency Of Use

How often you use your lawn mower has a great impact on how long it will last. Basically, the more you use it, the shorter its life expectancy. It all boils down to wear and tear. For example, a lawn mower that’s used once every two weeks will last far longer than one that’s used once or twice a week.

Lawn Mower Quality

Lawn mowers that are manufactured by brands that use high-quality materials to build a well-performing product will undoubtedly last far longer than those that are manufactured by brands that use cheaper materials of poorer quality.

Now, that’s not to say that more affordable mowers don’t last long or perform well because that’s not always the case. It just means that the quality of the materials it’s made from will really influence whether it lasts five or 10 years.


If you live in a region that experiences extreme weather conditions, your lawn mower could be at risk of damage if it’s not stored correctly. Storing your lawnmower outdoors is definitely a bad idea. Try to make sure that it isn’t exposed to the harsh sun and rain to protect it from getting sun damaged or rusty.

How Can You Increase The Lifespan Of Your Lawn Mower?

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Buy A High-Quality Lawn Mower

Buying a new lawn mower that’s made by a manufacturer that uses high-quality materials is a far better idea than buying a cheaper model that won’t last you as long. High-quality lawnmowers will cost you more in most cases, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

Don’t forget that buying a high-quality lawn mower will reduce the amount of maintenance it will need, so investing in a good one might not actually cost as much as it would seem, overall. 

P.S. If you’re in the market for a new lawn tractor, check out this article for everything you need to know about the best time of year to hit the shops!

Change Oil And Fuel Regularly

The fuel and engine oil used in a lawn mower work hand in hand. If one isn’t taken care of, you can expect the other to stop functioning at its optimum, as well. 

Stick to good quality, premium oil and fuel for the best results. Topping these up regularly will make sure your mower works like a charm!

Change Oil, Fuel, And Air Filters Regularly

Changing the oil, fuel, and air filters are some of the easiest parts of lawn mower maintenance, but they are often overlooked. Lawn mower filters are also really cheap and just take a couple of minutes to sort out. You can get an air filter, such as this  highly-recommended one, for just a couple of dollars!

YouTube user eHow demonstrates how to change a mower air filter in this video:

Sharpen The Blade Regularly

Your lawn mower blade is responsible for chopping up the grass, so it’s extremely important for it to be in a good condition. Having a sharp blade will ensure that the cutting process is smooth, putting less pressure on the motor. 

You can sharpen your lawn mower blade at home if you have the correct tool to do so, but it also doesn’t cost much to get a professional to do it for you.

Replace The Spark Plug And Battery

You should swap your lawn mower’s spark plug  for a new one after approximately 100 hours of use. Besides the fact that an old spark plug can result in your lawn mower performing poorly, it can also cause some major damage to it. 

While following these tips to help make your lawn mower last longer will definitely help, it’s always best to consult the specific maintenance instructions that you should find in your mower’s owner’s manual.

Clean Your Mower

Cleaning your mower regularly will ensure that no grass clippings get stuck inside it and clog up the machine. A clogged mower won’t work very well and could damage it. You can clean it properly by opening up the wash-out port of your mower, which most mowers have. 

Use High-Quality Fuel If You Have A Gas Mower

Gasoline contains ethanol, which can degrade parts of your mower, over time. Spending a little extra on quality fuel will prevent any unnecessary harm. You can also add a stabilizer  to help balance out the negative impact of the gas.


Is It Worth Fixing A Lawn Mower?

It is worth fixing a lawn mower if you use it for residential use because a good repair can last you years. However, if you use a mower for commercial purposes and find it needing regular repairs, it might make more sense to upgrade to a new one.

Can A Lawn Mower Last 20 Years?

A lawn mower can last 20 years, but this occurs very rarely. For a lawn mower to last that long, it would need to be used seldomly, stored properly, receive proper maintenance, and taken very good care of. The average life of a lawn mower is 10-15 years.

How Often Should You Replace Your Lawnmower?

You should replace your lawnmower every 10 years. A properly maintained lawnmower should last an average of 10-15 years. The life expectancy of your lawn mower will depend on many factors, such as the climate you live in, how often you use it, and whether it’s of good quality.

How Do I Know If I Need A New Lawnmower?

You know you need a new lawnmower if you start noticing general lawn mower problems, such as transmission issues, engine faults, it keeps breaking down, you need to sharpen the blades very often, it no longer gives you acceptable results, and repairs just don’t help anymore.

Is 400 Hours A Lot For A Lawn Tractor?

400 hours is not a lot for a lawn tractor. A lawn mower with a smaller engine usually lasts between 300 and 500 hours. Larger lawn mower engines last between 500 to 750 hours.

Now You Know How Long Does A Lawn Mower Lasts

Finding the perfect lawn mower can be a difficult task, especially when you’re not sure how long the investment will last! Luckily, most should last you more than 10 years (with proper care, of course). In my opinion, the key to having a long-lasting lawn mower is to first make sure that you buy a high-quality one

I hope my discussion on how long you should expect your lawn mower to last is helpful. Please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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