How to Find Anything on the Internet + Blog Theft!




Hi Everyone,

First of all, before we delve into today’s topic of how to find anything on the Internet, I want to thank you for all of the wonderful comments you shared in recent renovation posts.


Anyway, this wasn’t the post I was going to write. I was going to republish this post, “OMG, My Interior Designer Just Fired Me!”

However, when I googled the title, I found MY POST on another decorator’s LinkedIn profile.


Uh Oh.


This makes Lauwie vewwwy angwwwy.


Whenever I find one or several of my blog posts stolen with zero credit given to me, it feels like someone just ripped one of my babies out of my arms and has run off with it.

Fine, yes, that’s a bit melodramatic, but you get the point. It sucks.

Anyway, I just took a screenshot of the first paragraph on this darling’s Linkedin page. As you can see by comparing it with my post from a year earlier, she lifted it verbatim.


I left a message telling her she needed to remove the stolen blog post STAT, and then I left her a message via her website saying the same thing. I told her in no uncertain terms that the post needed to be deleted from the Internet 100% – IMMEDIATELY, and I told her I was serious. That’s all.


OMG, she JUST called to ream me out for being rude and unprofessional.


Wait. What??? The thief is calling me rude and unprofessional?  It’s one wacky world, ain’t it?


Apparently, she was incensed because she did not like being called a thief. Her story was that she hired someone to write her blog for her. No offense, but I’m not sure why anyone would do that except for an occasional guest post. Isn’t that a tad disingenuous? Of course, that’s beside the point as it does not absolve her from the crime.

However, she continued to scream in my ear that she had no idea it was stolen property and in an angry tone recommended that I find out what the situation was before I go and accuse someone of theft.

Yes, that happens, but it’s still her responsibility to make sure it’s content she’s allowed to publish and put her forkin NAME on!


I mean, it’s like saying: “Officer, how dare you arrest me for kidnapping this woman’s baby! Who the hell do you think you are? Uncuff me this instant! I paid good money for this baby! How am I to know the baby belonged to someone else? Yeeesh!”


Alas, the “ghostwriter theft” has happened to me before; however, that time, the designer, as most would be, was mortified and exceedingly apologetic. Nope, not this time.  A simple apology would’ve sufficed instead of the victim shaming. Gaslighting at its finest. She did, however, remove my post.

I imagine there are dozens of my stolen posts out there. But, do I have time to google the headline of every post?


Okay, I don’t want to be a total Debbie Downer. That’s not why you come here.


And, I realize it might not even sound like a big deal to you, but this blog is my livelihood and duplicating my content hurts my standing with Google. Well, you get it. Thanks for listening.

However, I’m not redoing that post at this time. But, if the topic interests you, there are three other blog posts to check out that discuss client and interior designer relationships from both sides.

You can find them here.

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Help! I Hired the Interior Designer from Hell!



But, there’s much more I have for you today. Earlier, a kind reader sent me some pics of rooms with these beautiful Hurricane Candle Lanterns.


But, wait, Laurel! How on earth did you find your blog post on someone’s LinkedIn page?


Oh, haha, I guess we’re not quite through with that unsavory topic. I’m always afraid I’m boring you with crap like that. Okay, that’s a great question, and it actually does tie in somewhat with a question sent to me from Kate in Colorado.

Alas, it’s a bit technical. To put it briefly, I did a google search on the topic to see if I needed to tweak the headline maybe. As I was scrolling down page ONE, I found the words, I instantly recognized as my own on the thief’s LinkedIn page.


Okay, as I was saying, darling Kate sent me an email lamenting that she couldn’t find the source of these beautiful hurricane candle holders. Here’s what she said:


Hi Laurel,

I have been thoroughly enjoying your kitchen and bedroom remodeling posts, and never get tired of following your design process.

While I haven’t commented lately because, honestly, I’m just so in awe of your incredible talent. If I owned your home, and you were my designer, and you gave me those choices, I’d just close my eyes and tell you to surprise me!

Like Mary’s kitchen, I’m still just gob-smacked; it’s so gorgeous!

For the past few years, I’ve had a nagging question, and I’m wondering if you could use my question in a post.


Where do interior designers get their stuff?


I have specifically been eyeing the OMG gorgeous hurricane candleholders that I often see.  (Is that what they’re called?)

I’ve been looking for over two years for the one that Mark Sikes used at his own home and in several projects.  Ashley Whittaker has also used that same one repeatedly.


James Farmer Blue Hurricane Lamps or Candle Holders

James T Farmer


Blaire Murfree Blue Hurricane Candle Holder- new trad dining room- via Flower Magazine

Blaire Murfree gorgeous dining room via Flower Magazine


And now James Farmer and Blaire Murfree have used another hurricane candleholder that’s just, WOW.  I’d cash in my stocks! – Well, maybe wait, they’re starting to rebound – to buy those beauties!


Blaire Murfree green Hurricane Candle holder New trad living room
Blaire Murfree elegant living room via Flower Magazine


I’ve looked everywhere. Well, obviously, NOT everywhere.

I’ve looked on 1stdibs & Chairish & OneKingsLane & Etsy & etc.etc.  Apparently, there’s one more place that I’m NOT looking!   And maybe other readers wonder, too?

Thanks for considering my question!





Thank you so much, Kate. I’m blushing.

Now, folks, I love you, but please don’t rush to email me and inquire if I can locate something you see on the Internet. This does happen frequently. I so wish I could help everyone, but it’s impossible.

However, you don’t need me because I will give you some tips from a professional stalker – errr, blogger. ;]

First, going to a source where you think you might find something, like the sources mentioned above, is fine. If you have a hunch, you might very well be right.


But, here’s what I do when trying to locate a product I see on the Internet.


The first tip is to take the photo or a screenshot of whatever it is you are looking for and see if anything pops up that way when you drag the cropped image of your product into google images. By the way, you need a real computer for that part of the exercise.

Above is what you see when you go to

I put the image on my desktop and then made my screen reveal part of my desktop where the image is located. Then, I drag the image into the google images box with the camera icon.

It works quite well for flat items like fabric and wallpaper. However, not always.

Failing that, I then use my Google search box with those descriptive keywords.


In this case, it appears to maybe be a Vintage Hurricane candle holder.


However, if you see the same item repeatedly, it might not be vintage or antique. If you’re still coming up dry, try different keywords. If you find something even a little bit close, click on it, and then look in your right-side sidebar.

Repeat that exercise, several times. Try tweaking your keywords.

That’s what I did before the stolen blog post saga, and YES! I found the beautiful candle holders.

Otherwise, why would I be telling you all this and putting you to sleep?


The beautiful and supremely talented Meg Braff sells them on her website.


Meg Braff cool Hurricane Candle Holders - Sold through her Website

Now that I located them, I put them in Google Images to see if there are other vendors. There are. But, I also found the manufacturer. International Shades.


However, you have to email them if you want to see their website.


I need to add them for the next update to Laurel’s Rolodex.

And speaking of– In the back of Laurel’s Rolodex is another tutorial that goes into greater detail about how I locate items on the Internet.


And, speaking of Laurel’s Rolodex


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