A tour to Jaisalmer, the golden city of Rajasthan is sure to be a real travel fun. Jaisalmer hotels have a different look and most of them are renovated from the old havelies. The budget and three star hotels in Jaisalmer are indeed good accommodation to the travelers. One will get the best price and comfortable accommodation. The Golden Fort of Jaisalmer is the main backbone of this heritage city which draws international eye for preservation. It seems magical to stay at this royal fort of Jaisalmer; majority of the population of the city live inside the fort.

Hotels in Jaisalmer provide cozy accommodation at the traditionally furnished rooms which give a Rajasthani look of ambience. The economic travelers can sure save their pocket while preferring to stay at a three star hotels in Jaisalmer and budget hotels in Jaisalmer. Dining and recreation facilities are offered at these hotels.

While staying at a hotel in Jaisalmer, explore the havelies, temples and the Golden Fort. The night view of the lit Jaisalmer Fort from the terrace of a hotel is spectacular. Don’t miss it. The fort houses Jain temples inside it. Though these are not superb like the Ranakpur Jain temples, yet you might see some similarity. There are also shopping arcade inside the house of the fort residents. You feel here a unique charm of medieval village. Dressed in traditional attires, the Rajasthani women folk will welcome you.

Jaisalmer hotels offer you excursion tour to the Sam village located on the outskirts of the city among the golden sand dunes of desert. Enjoy a camel ride to the Sam village and catch the best view of sunset on the sand dunes. Fairytale surroundings amidst desert!

Also set out tour to Lodurva Jain temples. Jaisalmer Desert National Park is nominated for the list of World Heritage Site. Explore the park to view desert animals that survive a hard life.

The hotels in Jaisalmer city have restaurant facility and you can have your dining here. Savor some Rajasthani dishes.

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