North Cyprus has seen a much gentler pace of development than most Mediterranean destinations, and this is as true for tourism as for anything else. However, to the vast majority of visitors this is a bonus, not a problem. The country has an incredible wealth of history, and is home to some of superb monuments, such as Kyrenia Castle, Saint Hilarion Castle and Bellapais Abbey, to name just a few. The pace of life seems somehow more relaxed here and there is something of a pleasantly ‘old-fashioned’ feel, but don’t for a minute think it is stuck in the past – it is simply that modernity has been incorporated in a more subtle manner. For the active tourist, there is everything you could possible want, from all types of watersports, through horse riding, mountain biking and jeep safaris, to paragliding and mountain climbing. As well, of course, as just lying on a beach or by the pool!

The development of hotels has taken a similar path, but what surprises many people is the sheer variety on offer. A number of decades ago there were only a handful of larger hotels and the vast majority were small holiday villages. Nearly always family run, these comprise a few small cottages or ‘mini-villas’ dotted around a reasonable plot of land with almost always a pool, a bar and a restaurant area. Today, there are quite a number of similar properties available, though most have moved with the times and offer satellite TV and broadband Internet as a minimum. There are also a number of medium-sized, family-run hotels, many with decent facilities and almost always with an excellent reputation for good cuisine and friendly service.

At the other end of the scale, North Cyprus now boasts a number of substantial hotels that can compete with some of the world’s best. Usually relatively large, these are characterised by superb architecture and an immense range of facilities. A choice of bars and restaurants is a given and most have at least two swimming pools and full spa facilities, but it is by no means unusual to find aqua parks, sports facilities, shops and the like, and many also have an in-house casino. With these larger properties, there is also the choice of style to suit you. Here you will find everything from the almost outrageous opulence of an Ottoman palace, to ultra-chic contemporary design. There is certainly no lack of style in Northern Cyprus.

The country also has more than a few superb boutique hotels. Although this category can be hard to define, here they are all small properties with most having just a few rooms. They all major on style as well, from quirky designer features to traditional Cypriot furnishings, architecture and antiques. Nearly all are famed for their culinary treats, offering everything from Cyprus specialities to the latest world trends. Most have relatively limited facilities, with little in the way of activities and usually just one (attractive) pool and terrace. On the other hand, they all provide luxurious comfort and excellent room facilities, with WiFi, satellite TV, DVD players and luxury bathrooms the norm rather than the exception.

So, North Cyprus hotels offer you a stunning choice, excellent facilities, supreme comfort and, of course thanks to the location, an ideal climate. What we have not yet mentioned is that they also offer incredible value. The cost of living is low in North Cyprus, certainly when compared with other Mediterranean destinations, and this is reflected in the comparatively low rates charged by hotels. This really is an ideal spot for a holiday and the only difficulty you are likely to have lies in making a rational choice from the plethora of options! Overall, your best bet is to contact one of the specialist tour operators who off North Cyprus holidays and, of course, North Cyprus hotels. Let their experience and knowledge be your guide.

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