Remodelling and Decorating Tips: Value per Square Foot


Christmas is around the corner! Everyone is pulling out their Xmas decorations to get into the Christmas spirit. Furthermore, December is the perfect time for home improvements because many have taken time off work to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. If you plan on giving your home a makeover, John Lewis has a wide variety of decor, furniture, and more for you to browse. 

Home remodelling and renovation ideas

People remodel and renovate their homes for various reasons. For example, remodelling or renovating your home will increase the property value per square foot, which is beneficial if you plan to sell the house. Furthermore, giving your house a makeover will make the place feel more like home. So here are home remodelling and renovation ideas, which will improve your home, regardless if it is to increase the property value or fit your style. 

Repaint the walls

Any realtor will tell you that repainting the walls will add value to the property; however, stick to neutral colours. Future buyers find plain walls in a house for sale preferable as it allows them to add their touches and style to it without any obstacles. Furthermore, stick with neutral colours if you paint the walls to fit your style and decorating ideas. Neutral walls will allow the furniture and other decoration to be the main star of the room. In addition, vibrant wall colours can be overwhelming and challenging to fit into your style if you are redecorating. Finally, popcorn walls have gone out of style, and it’s a nightmare to hang pictures or install shelves on these textured walls. Fortunately, popcorn walls can be scraped and sanded down then you can paint and decorate the walls in any way you wish. 


The kitchen is the most commonly renovated room. Kitchens are a fundamental part of every household, so giving your kitchen a makeover will instantly increase the property value. In addition, remodelling the kitchen for yourself is also a good idea. 

Here are tips on how to remodel your kitchen:

Many of these renovations you can do yourself. For example, painting the countertops to resemble marble or painting the cabinets are things you can do yourself. However, hire a plumber to improve or replace the plumbing in the kitchen and the rest of your home. If you try and DIY here, you could break a pipe and cause water damage. 


Remodelling the house’s lighting is an easy way to improve any home. For example, switch the light bulbs for ones that shine a preferred colour or a better brightness that fits the room. If you want to go the extra mile, replace the light covers to fit your style.

Final notes 

Overall, remodelling and decorating your home has its benefits. Furthermore, it adds value to the property if you plan on selling and if you want to make your house feel more like home. And remember, the possibilities are endless, and, in the end, it is so worth it! 

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