“Embellish” is a company that professionally stages homes for sale but we also asked them how to stage our own homes for life.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Meredith Parsons and Susanne Reeves have been friends for a long time. In fact, they conjured up the idea for their company when Meredith was Susanne’s realtor.

“We both had a passion for design and homes and it popped into our heads that we should team up and take our knowledge of real estate and design and fashion and create something,” Parsons said, “So we gave ‘Embellish’ its start and it’s been wonderful ever since.”

The two are known throughout the Piedmont among realtors for their ability to stage a home to make it sell quickly even before the housing market surge.

“We just go in there and make sure the rooms are light and open and airy,” Reeves  said, “It really is all about making the home appealing to the masses and not the one person.”

We also picked their brains about what we should do with our own homes as far as decor is concerned.

“Grey was hot for a long time but we are seeing more jewel tones these days and even to the point of painting the wall and the trim the same color from the top to the bottom,” Reeves continued, “But we also encourage people to get what we call statement pieces. Either large art or large pieces of furniture. That really makes a difference.”

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