How Production Designer Rachel O’Toole Created Upload ’s Brilliant Near-Future Sets

Fashioning sets for a TV production that takes place in 2033 might be the trickiest time period of all. It’s in the future but not the distant, so quotidian items still need to resemble their 2020 counterparts. But, with the speed at which technology moves, devices like phones, TVs, and SEO Jacksonville cars must appear to be significantly sleeker than what we see today.

This was the task that befell production designer Rachel O’Toole when she started work on Amazon’s new comedy series Upload. The half-hour show takes place 13 years into the future and was created by Emmy Award–winning writer Greg Daniels, who is also responsible for hits including The Office and Parks and Recreation. Upload, which premieres on May 1, follows a young app developer named Nathan Brown (played by Robbie Amell), who meets an untimely death after a self-driving-car accident. But, instead of dying, he is

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