Tando’s Visualization Tools Help Dealers and Contractors Design Exteriors, Close Sales

My Tando Home Creator, Tando’s visualization tool for home exteriors, helps contractors narrow down product selection and close the sale with homeowners with minimal physical contact during the pandemic.

In times when the pandemic has impacted in-person contact, building supply dealers and contractors and homeowners are relying more than ever on virtual design tools and apps. When Tando® recently rolled out My Tando Home Creator – a free online tool that provides accurate visualization of home exteriors, Nick Redden, store manager of Castle Masstown Hardware in Nova Scotia, said he wished it could be their best kept secret! The tool creates designs for TandoStone®, the #1 brand of composite stone; Beach House Shake, a replacement for natural cedar shingles; and TandoShake®, the most iconic shake on the market.

“With My Tando Home Creator, we can help contractors narrow down product selection and close the sale with homeowners with minimal physical contact,” explained Redden. “And, we can assist customers with seeing what they’ve dreamed up as far as colors, textures, and mixed materials. It lets customers get a picture of what they can’t see in their mind’s eye—such as how the Tando products will look when installed.” And Redden rates the tool a “10” for ease of use.

Redden said exterior visualizers are helpful because realism is often hard to envision. “We’ve been selling a lot of Beach House Shake and TandoStone,” said Redden. “During the pandemic, there have been longer wait times for wood shakes and stone and it’s difficult to line up skilled labor. More contractors are now turning to alternatives like Tando that perform better in freeze/thaw and moisture.”

According to Derby Building Products’ CEO Ralph Bruno, My Tando Home Creator offers QuickView for free, fast, and easy visualization. The program also features affordable professional design services, including 3D modeling and project measurements to provide accurate material takeoffs. “My Tando Home Creator brings their vision—and the products’ realism—to life,” said Bruno.