Tips on Fixing Your Houston Texas AC System

There’s nothing worse than having your AC fail in the middle of the summer when temperatures are through the roof. Houston, TX is one of the hottest places in the US, and surviving the summer without an air conditioner is almost impossible.

When your AC breaks, you need to handle the problem as fast as possible. If you’re in a position like this, we offer a couple of tips for best handling and fixing your AC. Follow up and learn a little more about this problem, and how to handle it properly.

1. Check if the solution is simple

In most cases, fixing the problem is a fairly simple task. When your AC experience a problem, you should check out where the problem comes from. See some ideas on this link.

For example, if it isn’t keeping up with the desired temperature, then the problem might be in the thermostat. See if it’s set to the right temperature. Sometimes, people completely forget about it and wonder why something’s wrong.

Then, there’s the usual problem called, AC isn’t plugged in. See if this is the problem, and enjoy the ultra-fast solution you achieved.

If there’s water dripping, or the units are freezing, then something is clogging the system. Clean the outside pipe that might be dirty or dusty. If this is the case, the water that is created through condensation, won’t be able to get out.

Also, there’s a filter problem. If the filters are not being cleaned regularly, the fresh air will not be getting inside the room. This is a usual problem, and you’ll see the inside unit leak and the outside freeze. Especially in the winter.

2. Don’t try to be a hero if it isn’t

If you can’t find where the problem is, and you can’t find the solution for your malfunctioning AC, then you should be calling the pros. They will know much better than you. See here how ACs are made and make a decision if you can fix it or not:

The reason why you shouldn’t try and be a hero is that ACs are electrically powered, and this can literally be deadly for you. Even if you unplug them before working, you can still do something wrong, and create total chaos. Never be a hero, always call the pros.

3. Search for a local and experienced technician

When you’re searching for a professional repair technician, you should be looking for one that is in the area. These guys will come faster, are always available, and will be there again in case something goes wrong after they leave.

Experience is crucial when you’re hiring someone. The technicians need to be as experienced as possible. Those who aren’t will struggle to get the job done. Those who are will spend a couple of minutes on the issue, and you’ll see the AC running smoothly again.

4. Read what people think about the problem

If you don’t like spending money on heating and cooling experts, then you need to do some research about how to handle the issue yourself. If the problem is severe, then you must search for tutorials and videos online that will tell you where the true problem is, and how to fix it.

This is something that not too many people can do, but if you feel confident in yourself, then why not try it. Some people are engineers, and love doing these kinds of things, so why call and wait for someone else, when they can fix the problem themselves.

5. Calculate if it’s more affordable to fix or call the pros

If the problem is severe, and you start the search for the solution on the internet, you might come across the solution and find out that it’s highly expensive. Ordering some new parts and spending a lot of time working might not be the best solution.

When you call the pros, they might have the parts immediately. You will not need to wait days for the delivery to arrive, and then even more to fix the AC. Instead, the pros will handle the issue.

Another thing is the calculation if it is worth fixing. If the repair cost you $500 and an entirely new machine costs $700, then you realize that there’s no logic in fixing it. Saving $200 might seem fair, but if you look at it from a perspective, you’ll realize that very soon these $200 will go for another repair.


These 5 points are a great display of your options when the AC breaks down. You can either fix it or replace it. If there’s a severe problem that you can’t fix it alone, then calling professional repair technicians is the smartest thing to do. Look at the situation carefully and then think about the best solution. Sometimes, spending money on repairs is the smartest thing to do.