With its history, architecture, literature, art, and music, Spain has long been a popular retirement destination for Europeans. However, before making the big move and settling into your new life in the sun, you should conduct some research into Properties for sale Valencia, since owning your dream property is in your best interests.

Living Costs

You may retire happily in Nalencia on roughly $25,000 per year. This equates to around $2,083 every month. This amount makes more sense if you wish to live outside of large cities and enjoy a more simple lifestyle.

Valencia’s cost of living is quite low when compared to other Spanish cities. Food, drink, accommodation, transportation, and entertainment are all cheap and offer you a good life.

The city of Valencia has low property taxes, which is ideal for retirees. Under some conditions, you may be compelled to file a Spanish income tax return.

Housing Rules and Regulations

Have you found the perfect home in Valencia? Do not fall into the trap of ignoring the property’s urban and cadastral status. Indeed, we must always establish that a property with a swimming pool, well, or hut complies with all Spanish laws, such as building licenses, before acquiring it.

The fundamental distinction in Valencia is that the buyer, not the seller, is responsible for the property’s urban, cadastral, and legal verifications. It must also be proven that the property may be utilized for the stated purpose.

When purchasing a home in Valencia, you must pay not only the property’s purchase price, but also notary fees, other administrative processes, and real estate taxes. Failure to pay these taxes will result in hefty penalties.

Each of these taxes has its own calculation method, with various coefficients dependent on Valencia’s areas. Ignoring these taxes while researching is already a serious error because the sums might constitute a large part of the real estate worth.

Many provinces offer Properties for sale Spain but Valencia is one of the regions with its millions of orange trees you must see before you decide to buy a property in Spain. If you need more information contact IMMO ABROAD, they offer over 30.000 properties in Spain and 8 offices.