What Window Dressing Options Are Best For Daytime Privacy?


Do you want to enjoy privacy in your home during the day? If you live on a busy road or where people are always walking past your windows, your home can start to feel like a glasshouse. Unfortunately, passers-by can be noisy and this can make you uncomfortable in your own home. But, do not worry; there are solutions when it comes to daytime privacy.

Window dressing options for daytime privacy

There are several window dressing options that can allow you to relax when you are in your home but still enjoy some light at the same time. So, let’s take a look at your window dressing options.

Venetian blinds

First of all, let’s think about Venetian blinds. These are a popular choice in households and consist of horizontal slats. You can tilt them to provide privacy and people from the outside cannot see in easily. But, you can still enjoy some light and see out your own window. This can be good if you want to relax away from prying eyes. But, the good thing about Venetian blinds is they are versatile.

You can also have them open or pull them to reveal the whole window depending on the season and how much privacy you want. Homeowners like Venetian blinds since they are available in a variety of materials and styles. There will be blinds you like no matter what room they are being fitted in. To ensure the privacy you want, it is recommended to use a measuring and fitting service from an expert blind company.

This way, you can ensure the Venetian blinds are the perfect size for your windows and allow you to have the privacy you desire. What’s more, this is a lot easier than trying to put up the blinds by yourself.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are the opposite of Venetian blinds. Instead of having horizontal slats, there are going to be long vertical slats. Often, vertical blinds are made from different fabrics, which creates an airy and light feeling in a room. This is something that people like in their bedrooms and living rooms, as well as the creating the illusion of larger windows.

Vertical blinds allow you to control the privacy you have during the day. For instance, you can let the sunshine into the room completely by having the blinds open. Alternatively, to allow the light in but to have some privacy, you can tilt the blinds. People will not be able to see fully into your home. You can also opt for total privacy and close the vertical blinds. Since this is an option made from fabric, you can choose one that allows you to still enjoy some light during the day when they are closed.


Next up is shutters and they are going to provide you with some privacy when you are in your home. The design consists of horizontal rails, as well as vertical posts, which create a solid covering for your windows. This is often a luxurious style that homeowners love since it not only allows privacy but also looks substantial and part of the home décor. In particular, white is a favourite colour, as well as durable hardwood being used. But, there are also faux woods for affordability too.

The horizontal rails can be adjusted throughout the day for privacy and sunlight. You are going to be able to see out but limit how much people can see into your home. They are often attached to the window instead of the wall around it.

Roller blinds

Are there times during the day when you want complete privacy? Perhaps you should choose roller blinds. This gives you several options. You can choose to have them all the way up so that you can see out the whole window and let the sunshine in. Alternatively, you can roll them down to whatever height you want to provide some shade or privacy.

If you want complete privacy, you can simply lower the roller blind all the way down. While you can get blackout roller blinds, you can also get light fabrics, which are going to allow light to come in during the day. The great thing about roller blinds is that you can make this window dressing part of your décor.

There are a lot of different colours and fabrics you can choose from, as well as printed designs for some interest. So, not only are you solving your privacy issue, but you are also having fun with the room and you can enjoy a new style. Made to measure is going to ensure that roller blinds cover the whole window.


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