5 Benefits of Single-Story Homes

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Do you prefer a home with a single story or one with two or more levels? The National Association of Home Builders showed that 64 percent of buyers surveyed preferred a single-story home. Here are 5 benefits of single-story homes they might have considered and why you should too.

Single Story Homes Are Kid-Friendly and Have Easy Accessibility

Families with young children or more mature couples searching for somewhere to settle down should see 1-story homes in Las Vegas as a significant benefit for the ease and accessibility of having all rooms on a single floor. Open-concept floor plans mean parents can keep track of children from almost anywhere in the home without losing sight of them. Also, mature homeowners or those with mobility restrictions can move about their homes with greater ease and independence in a single-story home.

Their Open-Concept Designs are Highly Desirable

Single-story homes are often open-concept in design. They come with many benefits, including efficient and multifunctional use of square footage and vertical space like vaulted ceilings and tall windows that make community areas feel airy and spacious. This generous community area, called the “Family Triangle,” consists of a bedroom, dining room, and kitchen and is often included in single-story home plans. Open sightlines and increased natural light make the single-story homes feel and look larger.

They’re Easy to Maintain

Okay, let’s be honest here. Who likes to clean? With single-story homes, fewer stories = less to clean, and that’s some math we can all get behind. You won’t be tempted to put off tomorrow what will only take a few minutes to do today. One of the most significant benefits of living in a single-story home is that upkeep is generally easier. And since single-story homes are only one floor, they’re also relatively easy and less expensive to heat and cool. Heating is also more evenly distributed in a home with only one level, as it can’t rise to the upper floors.

They Typically Come with Big Backyards

Single-story homes usually require larger lots to accommodate their more expansive floor plans, which means that single-story lots will have more green space for backyards. A single-story home is an excellent choice for people who have an affinity for gardening or have dreamt of designing the backyard oasis of their dreams.

The High Resale Demand

Because single-story living comes with many benefits, and single-floor home plan designs don’t stay on the market for long, there’s always a high demand. Single-story homes are known for keeping and even increasing in value, especially in sought-after or up-and-coming areas.

While it’s not guaranteed that your home will sell for more because it doesn’t have stairs, with the enormous aging population continuing to buy single-story homes, there’s a good chance of retaining or appreciating value in your asset.

In Closing

If you’re a home buyer looking for a home with multiple stories, consider these 5 benefits of going with a single-story home instead. Over the last decade, single-story homes are becoming the desired option in living.

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