Animal Crossing Fan’s Crafty Design Gives Their Home A Rooftop Garden

A player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has devised a clever rooftop garden design, adding a new usable space to their character’s home.

A player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has crafted a rooftop garden for their home by getting creative with the game’s design tools and features. Animal Crossing optical illusion designs can be created with out-of-the-box thinking from crafty fans, leading to unique and exciting builds not typically allowed in the game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets players use its terraforming tools, decorative items, and range of features to design almost anything they can imagine, but the game does have its limits. Since its launch in 2020, fans have had to find workarounds for many build ideas, using items as replacements for others not available in-game. Such workarounds have included hats designed to mimic food, or Simple Panels with custom patterns used to emulate brick walls or cityscapes. Following the game’s substantial November update, new items and foods have been introduced, making it easier for Animal Crossing designs like restaurants to be realized in the base game.


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Redditor Fun_Appointment5366 has shared a look at their inspiring Animal Crossing rooftop garden, which is fully accessible by the player. By adding a cliff behind their house which uses a permanent ladder, the user has cleverly crafted a rooftop space that’s fully usable. From the ground, items used to decorate their balcony are just visible, giving the illusion of a rooftop that sadly isn’t available natively in the game. Fun_Appointment5366 has opted for a simple design for their rooftop, choosing a custom floor pattern that matches the blue of the tiles, and adding a clothesline, chair, and potted plant.

Animal Crossing Rooftop Garden Design

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Nintendo’s Animal Crossing permits home expansions and renovations, which can alter the appearance of a player’s home, but there’s yet to be any rooftop spaces added to the game. Players with fully decorated islands might like to have a little functionable space atop their homes, which can get quite large when fully upgraded, despite not offering any additional outdoor space. Unfortunately, Nintendo has confirmed November’s update will be the game’s last substantial content drop, meaning something like official rooftop spaces may be unlikely.

Fun_Appointment5366’s crafty workaround to add a little more flair to their Animal Crossing home has been a hit on Reddit, receiving over 3,000 Upvotes from appreciative fans, many of whom seem keen to try out a similar build for themselves. The possibilities are endless for a rooftop design, which could serve as a garden, a farming plot, or even as a storage space for ACNH‘s Gyroids. Users can even create rooftop areas for their villagers, with the creative potential of the design unlimited.

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Source: Fun_Appointment5366/Reddit

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