Cool home: See inside a fully renovated 1920’s bungalow in Plaza Midwood hitting the market next week

This content was created in partnership with the Redbud Group.

When the Redbud Group purchased 1627 Logie Avenue in September of 2020, the goal was to renovate the home to suit a modern buyer while preserving the original charm.

The property is the second one that the Redbud Group has bought and renovated as part of a new venture called Redbud Homes.

  • It’s expected to hit the market next week, but we got a sneak peek at the finished product and spoke with Trent Corbin, Founder/Realtor® at the Redbud Group about the project.

Exterior before. Photo via Redbud.

Downstairs bathroom before. Photo via Redbud.

Main living area before. Photo via Redbud.

Barn/garage before. Photo via Redbud.

Exterior after.

Downstairs bathroom after.

The home has matte black finishes throughout. Photo via Redbud.

Kitchen after. Photo via Redbud.

Main living area before. Photo via Redbud.

The upstairs suite is super luxe and the bathroom has an attached walk-in closet.

Barn/garage after. Photo via Redbud.

What did you change about Logie Avenue and what did you keep the same?

Rather than going full open concept, which would not have been appropriate for this particular home, we ended up opening up the main living spaces to create a line of sight from the front to the rear of the home.

  • We did not add any square footage but we did redo the back deck and we also made the garage a functioning garage, while keeping the charm that it had. Previously, it was an auto shop.

How does Redbud’s renovation approach differ from other homeowners or investors?

We see a number of opportunities come across our desk, and this one caught our eye because of the neighborhood.

  • We never make decisions based on price alone, but rather focus on quality, functionality and aesthetics.

We care more about the end product than the bottom line because we have a reputation to uphold. This is more than just a piece of our investment portfolio; it plays a part in shaping the culture and aesthetic of the neighborhood.

Were there any surprises during the Logie project?

As we got in there, it looked like someone had tried to renovate the home before. Much of the framing was piecemeal and needed to be replaced. Thankfully our contractor caught it early and we were able to budget around getting the downstairs up to snuff.

  • It had a number of things that we had to bring up to code (which we always do).

There weren’t too many surprises — no more than you’d normally find in an older home.

What is your favorite part about this home?

The hardware that we choose is an important part of the ultimate aesthetic. I personally love that things are consistent throughout, with timeless metals, tiles and woods.

Aside from a few trendy things in the kitchen, everything feels true to a historic home. We had to rip out some builder-basic finishes in the upstairs and recreate the original molding.

  • We also have a skylight above the shower, which we think is a cool touch.

What advice would you give to buyers who are looking at recently renovated homes?

We always encourage people who are looking at newly renovated homes to check for permits and consider who did the work. An experienced Realtor® will be able to identify high-quality work.

It’s difficult for buyers to get everything they want when the market is as lopsided as it is today.

  • That said, when buying a new or renovated home, buyers do still have a lot of leverage because the reputation of the builder or contractor is on the line.

Are there any other Redbud Homes in the pipeline?

Our next focus will likely be building homes from the ground up.

  • It’s easier to control quality and avoid surprises. It’s also more scalable.

The construction vertical is going to be a significant contributor to our business. Rather than stomping our feet and pounding our fists about the low inventory, we’re going to start creating some.

This content was created in partnership with the Redbud Group. Contractor: Sandusky Roofing and Construction.

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