Green Technologies Modern Consumers Are Investing in for Their Homes

World Intellectual Property Day 2020: Innovation for a Green Future

More consumers are willing to spend a considerable amount of money for the sake of the environment. In most cases, capable homeowners are building their homes with sustainability in mind. From the way they choose suppliers to the things they shop for, they consider the environmental impact of their future investments.

The good news is, ordinary homeowners can now enjoy green home technologies thanks to the numerous federal financing options made available to consumers. If you are interested in having solar panels installed, there are solar financing options you can explore. Aside from renewable energy sources, modern consumers leverage the following green technologies to build better and more sustainable houses.

Smart Power Strips

Each month, you pay for more energy than you actually need to pay for. This happens when you leave all of your devices plugged in all the time, even when you are not using them. This includes the chargers for your electronics, TV, video game consoles, and your favorite coffee maker.

We are familiar with standby power, which is the electricity your electronics and appliances use when not in use. Even if you switch these off, keeping them plugged into your electrical socket means they are still consuming electricity. If unplugging these items seems to be a lot of work, you can consider investing in smart power strips.

Smart power strips shut down the power on certain products that are in standby mode. This way, there no need to unplug your appliances and electronics one by one. Your devices will no longer go on a standby mode, which means these are incapable of using vampire power.

Energy Star Appliances

Every appliance in your home consumes electricity. The problem is, even if you bought energy-efficient appliances before, these would lose their energy efficiency as time passes by. It is recommended that consumers replace their appliances after a decade of usage with Energy Star labeled ones.

Even the smallest appliances inside your home can be the reason why your energy bills continue to rise. This is why it is worth considering if replacing these before they break or waiting for them to break first before finding a replacement makes sense. Remember that it is not just about making the right replacement choice, but how you dispose of your old appliances as well.

The main goal is to reduce your environmental impact. If you plan on buying new appliances, be sure to dispose of your old ones the right way. You can choose to sell your old appliances or donate them. You can even check your local waste management office to learn how to best dispose of your appliances responsibly.

Programmable Thermostats

Many modern homeowners are saying goodbye to their old thermostats in exchange for the smarter ones. They choose programmable thermostats to automatically adjust their home’s temperature as needed. You can set this beforehand or even remotely to save money and energy at the same time.

Programmable thermostats also help in improving your home’s energy efficiency. Your HVAC system does not need to work too hard to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. Just imagine how much energy savings and convince you can enjoy by simply investing in a programmable thermostat.

Solar Hot Water Heater

Note that most water heaters last between eight to ten years. When the time comes for a replacement, consider a solar water heater. These make use of the sun’s heat and energy in heating your water. The heated water will remain in an insulated water tank until you need to use hot water.

Note that many consumers who invest in solar water heaters also have a backup system to supplement their hot water needs. But then, you get to save money on energy bills. It also requires little-to-no maintenance and can last for up to 20 years, depending on your care and maintenance.

Sustainable Flooring

Probably one of the most common ways to build a sustainable home is by choosing sustainable floors. With sustainable floors, you can enjoy gorgeous floors sourced and processed in an eco-friendly way. These come in numerous variations and typically last longer than other non-eco-friendly flooring solutions.

Bamboo floors, for instance, are extremely durable, antibacterial, and is even a water-resistant flooring option for eco-conscious consumers. With cork flooring, these are harvested without the need to cut the trees down. It is made from a renewal source that regenerates every three years.

Wool carpet is a good choice if you want comfortable flooring for your home. The material is durable, can sustain its original color for years, and is environment-friendly. This can be your go-to choice for your living room and bedroom.

These are but five green technologies homeowners are buying for their homes. They want to reduce their environmental impact by being more mindful of the technologies they are investing in. If you also have the same goal, you can consider this list as your next investment.