Home Alone LEGO Set Arrives Just in Time for the Holiday Season

Ahead of the release of Home Sweet Home Alone on Disney+, a new LEGO set inspired by the original Home Alone has been unveiled. The 3,955-piece set includes the familiar McCallister home where young Kevin was terrorized by two burglars… or was it the other way around? Along with the house, which includes highly detailed interiors and exteriors, the set also includes Harry and Marv’s modular van and Kevin’s treehouse, complete with the zipline.

Recommended for adult builders, the Home Alone LEGO set has recreated all of the rooms inside the McCallister home for fans to recreate some of their favorite movie moments. This includes the blow torch to Harry’s head, the iron to Marv’s face, the zipline from the treehouse to the house, and even the familiar mirror where Kevin screams at himself after applying aftershave.

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Five miniature figurines of memorable characters are also included. That obviously includes Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) along with the Wet Bandits, Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern). Also included is Kevin’s mom Kate (Catherine O’Hara) along with the family’s shovel-wielding neighbor ‘Old Man’ Marley (Roberts Blossom). The Wet Bandits’ van also includes a crowbar and police hat to assist them with their burglaries.

Chris Columbus directed Home Alone which was written and produced by John Hughes. The hit movie follows an 8-year-old boy accidentally left home alone as he must defend himself and the house from a pair of burglars known as the Wet Bandits. It is widely known as one of the best Christmas movies of all time, and because of its tremendous success, it has spawned an ongoing franchise with several movie sequels.

Just recently, the trailer was released for the sixth movie in the series, Home Sweet Home Alone. While it’s virtually a remake with a very similar storyline, it also serves as a loose sequel to the original movies with the trailer even including an appearance from Buzz McCallister (Devin Ratray). There had been rumors that Macaulay Culkin would also make a special appearance as an adult Kevin McCallister, but the actor recently denied those rumors by saying straight up on a Twitter post that he’s not in the movie.

“I don’t really watch them all that often,” Culkin has also said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, suggesting he’s not quite as big a fan of the Home Alone movies as most other people. “It’s background radiation at Christmastime. I’ve had people who want to sit down and watch it with me, which is both flattering and creepy.”

Per LEGO, the LEGO Ideas Home Alone set will be arriving on Nov. 1, 2021. It is one of many new sets coming from LEGO that has fans feeling nostalgic for what was very popular during the 1990s. This includes other collectible sets based on shows like Friends and Seinfeld. It had previously been reported that a Home Alone set was on the way, but now we’ve gotten a real good look at it along with an imminent arrival date. You can see more photos and read more about the Home Alone set at the official website for LEGO.com.

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