Luxury Home Upgrade Ideas That are Worth the Costs

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A luxurious house with all the amenities that you could ever want in a dream among many. We all want to live a life like the stars, but the simple truth is that doesn’t happen overnight. However, through hard work, wise management of money, and dedication to your goal, it can be achieved.   Building your “dream home” can be a step-by-step process, and being that it can be taken one step at a time, you can make every step of the way efficient and more worthwhile.

Install a Roof Deck

A roof deck is a great space to spend the night looking at the stars, sharing a drink with your loved ones. It’s a place where you and your family can gather and share moments and memories, making it an ideal home upgrade. And if you have a good view of your property, you want to take advantage of that by having a high vantage point to soak in the sights. The cost, of course, is something that should be approached carefully, but it’s a worthy upgrade.

…or a Loft

An alternative to a roof deck is a loft. Converting your attic to a loft is a popular way to increase square footage in homes, both for increasing the resale value of your home and adding usable space. They make for a great home office (something that’s popular recently due to the work-from-home trend), or even as a relaxing nook where you can enjoy a good book and a cup of coffee. Definitely consider this if you want a value-increasing luxury upgrade. 

Turn Your Basement into a Wine Room

Wine is among the most popular forms of alcoholic drinks, and any wine lover would appreciate having a wine room. In your case, if you’re particularly fond of wine, and have a basement, consider turning it into a wine room. Having a place to display your collection, a dedicated fridge to store your wine, and a good place and ambiance to drink it are among the best luxuries anyone can ever afford.

Get a Spa

One that’s relatively achievable in a shorter amount of time is a hot tub or a spa. The prices range from the low thousands to five digits, and it all really depends on what type of spa and brand you want. Of course, there are the added maintenance costs of having a hot tub, but if you’re the type to enjoy a cold night on a hot tub, it’s more than worth it. Just be sure to get help from reputable hot tub dealers in your location or online.

Transform that Extra Room into a Media Center

If you, or your family, enjoy a nice evening watching a movie, turning a room into a dedicated media center is a great addition. Having a central space for media consumption like movies and video games is an undeniable luxury that simply feels good to have. This one doesn’t have all that much resale value unless you’re converting an unusable space to a usable one, but regardless of that, the boost in living experience is enough to consider it.

Remodel a Major Room

We all know how expensive remodeling or renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or even yard can get. But when we’re talking about luxurious improvements that mark your upgrade in lifestyle, nothing beats these types. They also bolster the resale value of your property. Consider getting your kitchen or bathroom re-tiled with the latest and trendiest designs, or even hire a professional gardener to fix up your yard.

Saving Up for the Luxury You Deserve

As mentioned before, adding luxury upgrades to your home won’t happen overnight. You need to be smart with your finances to be able to afford the necessary upgrades, and fortunately, that’s not an impossibility with all the financially empowering tools we have today. Here are a few tips you should definitely consider.

Buy and Hold. The stock market is a popular way to grow money. If you have a considerable sum, think of putting it in a blue-chip company and hold it there until there’s a good payout on the horizon.

Sell What You Don’t Need. Many of us have accumulated a lot of stuff that’s not particularly being used regularly anymore. Sell them instead, and use the money you make for upgrades. Sift through your pile of unused items. There’s a high chance of finding something with considerable value.

Take Out a Loan. While it might sound weird to suggest taking out a loan, the idea works like this: if it’s a value-improving home renovation it will pay for itself in the future. Especially if you have intentions of reselling your property, it might just be worth it.

These tips are for those looking to slowly bolster their property, with the intent of improving their experience and comfort inside their house, and maybe even increasing the property’s resale value.