More Than 40% of Home Buyers Say This Is the Ultimate Deal Breaker

Many prospective buyers are willing to look past bad landscaping or living in a fire zone, but it turns out some things are true deal breakers. According to a recent survey by HomeAdvisor, there are four issues that more than 40 percent of people can’t look past. From a shoddy exterior to poor storm preparedness, we’ve outlined exactly what will make potential homeowners skip your listing—and how much it will cost to fix it.

Broken Siding

If they spot cracked siding or a few loose bricks, nearly 50 percent of prospective buyers would pass on the home. However, it’s an easy fix (depending on the severity). You’re looking at approximately $793 for a standard siding repair. For a brick exterior, you can count on spending $20 to $40 per square foot. Be sure to budget an additional hourly rate for your contractor’s time, too. 

Inadequate Weatherproofing

Hurricanes, snowstorms, and the like can do serious damage to a house if you’re not prepared. The absence of storm doors, lack of additional exterior windows, or improper insulation are the reasons 46 percent of people will walk away from a listing, no matter how beautiful the kitchen is. FYI: The median cost of installing hurricane impact windows is $8,355, while a storm door is much more affordable at $371.

Foundation Flaws

Older homes may have worn foundations, which can cause larger problems down the road (like sinking floors and gapped windows). If you’re trying to avoid these issues, like 43 percent of buyers, expect to spend somewhere in the $2,143 to $7,435 range. However, if the structure needs to be lifted, you’re apt to spend over $10,000.  

Cracked Walls

Interior wish lists aren’t all stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors. Forty-one percent of buyers also don’t want cracks in their walls (or ceilings). Luckily, smoothing things out comes in under $1,000 at an average of $772.

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