The Best Type of Wood for a New Orleans Garden Gate

Best types of wood for Wooden Gates | Harrow Fencing Supplies Ltd

Timber is a popular choice for fences and gates because of its natural appeal.  Timber gates offer a grandeur that other types of materials often lack.  New Orleans garden gates, whether traditional or modern, will look more handsome with the timeless beauty of wood.

When a wooden garden gate is properly cared for with preservative staining and easy maintenance, it will even look better with age.

Softwood vs Hardwood for a Garden Gate

Softwood gates are typically cheaper than their hardwood counterparts.  However, you would need biannual treating for this type of wooden gate in New Orleans for it to last 7-8 years.  Redwood or “Scots Pine”, Siberian Larch, and Red Cedar are examples of softwood used for wooden gates.

Hardwood gates are an excellent choice for a wooden gate because they will give you a minimum of 30-35 years of enjoyable service.  They also surpass softwood in terms of their superior grain and low knot count.  

They are called “hardwood” because their wood grain is a lot tighter and finer.  This quality prevents moisture from seeping into the wood easily and the sun won’t wear it out as quickly as well.

The most popular types of hardwood used for wooden gates are Iroko wood and European Oak.  Both are extremely durable to weather the elements even if they are exposed to extreme temperatures outdoors.  

They are also denser and darker in color than softwoods, usually more resistant to dents and scratches.  You can paint them for aesthetic purposes to suit your style and add to your garden’s curb appeal.

The Herculean Characteristics of the Iroko Wood and European Oak

    Iroko Wood

Iroko is a large hardwood tree from the west coast of tropical Africa that can live up to 500 years.  Timber from this tree is also referred to as African teak.

  • Extreme durability

It is commonly used by garden gate installers because it has extreme durability and minimal movement.  Unlike softwood, Iroko wood does not need any treatments for protection in the outdoors.  It is intrinsically NOT prone to warping. 

The resistance of this wood makes it a top choice for exterior projects like garden gates in New Orleans.  In fact, Iroko wood is commonly used in boat making for decking and floorboards.

  • Distinct color

This timber is characterized by the distinct golden brown color that’s produced when the heartwood is exposed to light.  The natural earthy color of an Iroko New Orleans garden gate will add to your garden’s natural grandeur.

  • Dense

Iroko wood approximately weighs 660 kg per m3.

  • Can be Laminated

You may choose to have your Iroko wooden gate to be laminated to improve its qualities and extend its life span.

    European Oak

European oak is a very popular choice for wooden garden gates, especially when it is air-dried.  It is a blanket term for wood coming from Europe.  True to its name, this timber comes from France, Germany, England, or other European countries.

  • Durability

European oak is an extremely durable hardwood and if cared for properly, it will last for many years.  

It has a high level of water resistance because of its dense, non-porous texture so it does not need the application of waterproofing chemicals.

They are also highly resistant to shrinkage and warping caused by extreme temperatures outdoors, making them ideal for a New Orleans garden gate.

Insects and fungi are not attracted to this type of hardwood because it contains higher levels of tannin, making them less prone to decay and rotting.

  • Distinct color

European oak has a distinct yellow-brown color that will look beautiful on a New Orleans garden gate.  Its pleasing golden color makes it a desirable building material that needs no decoration to make it look attractive.

  • Grain elegance

The grain of European oak timber has an elegance that is unmatched in other types of wood.  The uniformity of the grain in European oak guarantees a consistent finish without the need for treatment or staining unless you request for them.

Elegant Wooden Gates for your New Orleans Garden Gate

Hardwood garden gates can add to the natural grandeur to your garden while you take pleasure in their service for many years.

The Iroko wood and European oak can give you maximum value for your garden gate for their durability and aesthetic appeal.