Practical and somewhat sporty, modern-day subcompact hatchbacks offer today’s generation of car buyers the perfect marriage of fuel efficiency and a generous room for passengers as well as travel necessities. Often seen cruising the city streets, subcompact hatchbacks offer deceptively spacious cabin space with modern exteriors to match, what more can you ask for?

Today, we’ll be putting two subcompact hatchbacks auxh as Toyota Yaris and the Suzuki Swift. Both coming from notable manufacturers, the base variants of Suzuki Swift and the Toyota Yaris are two of today’s most sought-after city cars that can do more than take you from home to office. Let’s look at what both vehicles have to offer to see which between the two is the value-packed hatchback.

Here’s how they size up.




Interestingly enough, the Toyota Yaris sports a longer frame and a taller stance compared to the Suzuki Swift and even to most vehicles in this segment. Thanks to its noticeably impressive ground clearance, the Toyota Yaris offers easy maneuverability without the cramped feeling as the cabin benefits from the seemingly subcompact sedan-ish size which makes getting in and out of the vehicle a breeze. On the other hand, the Suzuki Swift exudes the traditional subcompact hatchback. A pretty little teapot – short and stout.

Nevertheless, its compact size makes driving it straightforward and easy. The lower ground clearance also helps in stability especially when driving in the freeway.


The exterior of the Toyota Yaris is styled with substance. This subcompact hatch wears a more modern guise following design cues from the face-lifted Toyota Vios. Its front fascia is a dead-ringer to the latest iteration of Toyota’s subcompact sedan, fitted in a subcompact hatch, the Yaris boasts a modern look with its combination of sharp edges and smooth surfaces.

Meanwhile, the Suzuki Swift offers a more subtle sell my house fast jacksonville appearance and is reminiscent of MINI cars. Offering a short, low, and wide stance, the Suzuki Swift emanates a tamed and tempered quality that hides the tempest under the hood of this Japanese teapot.


The cabin of the Toyota Yaris is spacious, consequential of its large frame and long dimensions. Passengers can enjoy its extended legroom and upgraded luggage space.

It’s also outfitted with relatively modern amenities like a seven-inch touchscreen display paired with CD, MP3, AUX, USB, Bluetooth, and Weblink connectivity for iOS and Android devices. Audio is distributed through four speakers. The Suzuki Swift sports cabin design that puts the “driver first.” Although the seats look compact and narrow, they are surprisingly comfortable to sit in. Current-generation Swifts also boats lower vertical and lateral spaces creating better head clearance and leg room.




Having had a bigger engine, the base variant of the Toyota Yaris offers more acceleration power compared to that of the Suzuki Swift. With 17 more horses than the Swift, the Yaris proves to be the better choice when it comes to what’s under the hood. The Toyota Yaris handles well in corners making it an ideal city car you can take to Tagaytay during the weekend. The Suzuki Swift also proves it’s as effective as driving outside the Metro as it is cruising the city streets. Its lower frame and smaller body help with maneuverability and fuel efficiency.


Both compact hatchbacks come with the standard loadout of safety features including ISOFIX child seat anchorages, immobilizers, a suite of airbags, and anti-lock brake systems with electronic brake distribution. The Swift comes with Suzuki’s Total Effective Control Technology (TECT) a light, impact-absorbing body that helps both the driver and its passengers in the event of a collision.




The Swift comes in four variants, two of which are standard trim levels while the other two are special-edition variants. On the other hand, the Toyota Yaris is sold locally in three variants.




With a little under 150,000 between both base variants, the Suzuki Swift comes as the more value-laden subcompact hatch offering decent amenities at a relatively decent price. On the other hand, the Toyota Yaris provides better engine performance at a higher price.

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