7 Proven Ways To Prevent Heat Loss At Home

Ways to Prevent Heat Loss in Your Home to Save Energy

Most homes suffer from heat loss which is quite surprising, even for the modern ones. During winter energy companies know it’s the best time to cut off the heat as people will want their homes warm and want to remain indoors as much as they can. But if it isn’t wintertime and a home losses heat, it becomes a problem. 

A cold house can cause cold to seep gradually into the bodies of the people in the house that could lead to medical conditions like pneumonia. In France, people visit Amon-Avis to read all reviews, opinions, and experiences of other online customers about the best energy companies online.

Apart from energy companies supplying homes with energy at different rates, there are other ways of preventing heat loss at home. Some of these methods are easy and their effectiveness will amaze you. They will also save you some money. Though little but it is still cash. 

Quelle Energie is one company that teaches people how to save energy at home. They have empowered over a million people in this area. Let’s look at 7 proven ways to prevent heat loss at home.

1. Close The Doors: It’s not just to show good habits and proper discipline. Shutting the door helps to keep cold air out and leave warm air inside.  With this, you can reduce the thermostat which will reduce your energy bill.

2. Lock Windows: Close and lock all windows unless it’s needed at all. This functions the same way closing the doors would too.

3. Cover Open Spaces: Cover any spaces or holes that cold can get through into the house. Look at the tops and sides of doors, windows, and rooftops for any open gaps or cracks that cold could pass through. Use thick pieces of materials to cover them. For the roof, get a carpenter to work on it.

4. Heavy Drapes: Using heavy drapes or curtains on your windows and doors helps keep the cold out. During the day, they absorb heat from the sun and in the evening release this heat to cool the house.

5. Use of Rugs: Cold seeps into the bones mostly through the legs. A cold floor can be made warm by getting and putting a thick rug on the floor. Also a nice idea for wooden floors that have spaces in between the boards.

6. A Good Fireplace: Get some wood and get the fireplace up and glowing. Let the warmth fill the entire house and guard against overheating. We want to get warm and not heatstroke.

7. Time Your Extractor Fan: You could time your extractor fan wherever it is in the house to go off at a particular time. Leaving it on to run without a timer can chill the entire house.

Each of these ways will only be effective if used together and not alone. Closing the windows and doors without covering floors may not be as effective as doing all three together. They also will help to save on cash because you will reduce the thermostat or even put it off.