Are Green and White Rooms Trendy or Passé?




I hope y’all had a good Memorial Day weekend.

Mine was pretty quiet, but that’s not a bad thing. I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV, haha. Can you guess why? I’m going to be updating this post from eight years ago, so it will go bye-bye soon.


A while back, I received this comment:


Dear Laurel

I have always loved blue and white, but recently I’m gravitating towards green and white rooms because they feel so fresh and timeless.

I’d love to see a post about green and white spaces, and some ideas for incorporating green and white. And, anything else we need to know.

Happy Summer!



Oh wow! Green and white rooms! That’s one of my favorite topics


This post about green paint has some terrific ideas, as well.

I have always loved the color green. And, just about every shade. However, I especially love chartreuse, olive, and shades veering towards teal. But, in the right context, I love all greens, and I love them together.

A great example is my antique Zuber screen.


my antique zuber screen


Roborock (Robby) cleaning my living room

There it is, shortly after I moved into my Boston apartment with my first “Robbie,” (Roborock Robot Vacuum) working hard to clean the floors for me.


my Back Bay Boston Living Room LB Interiors

Also, shortly after I moved here.


yellow lamp vignette coolie lampshade

Another partial view in this post about lampshades.


Jan 8, 12-22pm - den - living room color changes


This is another view from the den.


Originally, the screen sat behind my chair in our dining area off of the living room in our townhouse in Goldens Bridge, NY.


Our living dining room was mostly white with green accents. You can see some bad images of the living room. Although, by then, I had cleared out a lot of the furniture.


peaches-living-room - white furniture - living room layout floor plan
Here’s another photo from about 2002 with a young Peaches grooming himself on the coffee table.

I think there is more green out there than maybe a few years ago. I’m certainly seeing more green kitchens in recent years.


But, green, I think, is the easiest color to work with,, and here’s why.


Northeast United States satellite

Here is a satellite map via Google Maps of most of the Northeastern United States. And what do we see as the predominant color?


Of course! We have talked about green in numerous posts on this blog. I’ll post some of them in a bit.


However, despite what some may say, green and white is as classic as a golf ball in the grass. :]


green and white - ben-hershey-golf ball - grass-unsplash

photo: Ben Hershey via Unsplash


ralph lauren home British Colonial East Indies style with green and white wallpaper -High-Low Ralph Lauren

Or, this beautiful room by Ralph Lauren above, where I did a lower-cost version.


kips-bay-Mark D Sikes bedroom - Gracie wallpaper

And, we looked at this exquisite bedroom by Mark D. Sikes. He is fond of mixing green with blue accents.


Mark D Sikes - greystone-show-house-2015/

Above and below, Mark D. Sikes from the Greystone Showhouse 2015. I adore his green and white rooms!



An overview of the entire entry by Mark D. Sikes


mark-sikes-gracie-wallpaper-chinoiserie-handpainted-celedon-majolica-antique-hutch-green and white rooms dining room

Above, a more recent dining room by Mark D. Sikes featuring another Gracie wallpaper in green and white. See the touches of blue and colors in the flowers? It’s the accents that make the room!


Serena and Lily Miramar Sofa -green silk draperies

Above is an older image from Serena and Lily. But, it’s one of my favorites with those wonderful green silk curtains.


Room flow - analogous blue and green - art walls Maura Endres - @m.o.endres on instagram

Maura Endres’ home is primarily green and white and has some blue accents. You can see more of Maura’s beautiful home here and here. And, please be sure to follow her on Instagram.



Christian Lacroix-Canopy Saphir Wallpaper is used to cover a screen. What a wonderful accent with this exquisite wallpaper.



Above is another view of the Christian Lacroix wallpaper. It also comes in some other colorways andis available at Chairish. Did you know they don’t just have vintage pieces. A lot of their home furnishings are new.


Matt Briney via Unsplash - George Washingtonphoto: Matt Briney via Unsplash


There are lots of ways to incorporate green in our rooms. Above is a saturated green in George Washington’s green and white dining room in Mount Vernon. That’s going pretty far back.

But, what is that schemata (Yiddish for rag) on the window?

I thought I would have a little fun. So, I went over to Lynn Chalk on Etsy and did a little photo editing on Picmonkey. Did you see the Picmonkey tutorial here?


Scalamandre - ChThe first fabric is Scalamandre – Ch’ien Dragon draperies by Lynn Chalk.



Scalamandre Chi’en Dragon currently on sale for a limited time.


Lynn Chalk drapes with greek key trim - green and white rooms photo-Matt Briney via Unsplash - George Washington
Above is also lovely, I think.


Benjamin Moore Bunker Hill Green - green and white rooms

The wall color is fairly close to a Laurel Home paint and palette collection color Bunker Hill Green.


Of course, there are hundreds of options in terms of fabric for the curtains.


Sometimes when I’m looking for a fabric, I’ll go over to Decorator’s Best and punch in what I’m looking for.

If you’re looking for great wall colors, please check out this post featuring a variety of great shades of green.

This post features more muted greens that aren’t called green.

And, it’s easy being green (an ode to Kermit the Frog) is a post with lots of terrific green rooms.


But, sticking with the walls, The Mural Source has gorgeous, more affordable green and white Chinoiserie murals.


mural sources green chinoiserie mural
This is one of my favorites – Above and below.


Mural Sources Green Chinoiserie mural-085-LV-1491

Not too long ago, there was this post about Chinoiserie decor.



One of my favorite green and white rooms is this beauty by Windsor Smith.


Windsor Smith dark green and white sunroom dining area

I adore the fabric on the chair is Dahlia by Clarence House. There is a pillow in the widget at the bottom of the post in the fabric.

Dahlia Hand Block GreenSometimes you can find cut yardage of this gorgeous fabric. Or, you can always ask Holly Rich of Stuck on Hue if she can get it for you. But, this one is a giga-bucks.


The wall color looks like Benjamin Moore Essex green.


Almost as dark is the Laurel Home collection green, Hunter Green.


Laurel Bern Interiors-bronxville-dining-room-buffet-mirror

I often forget my own work. haha! Above and below is the oft-published green and white dining room I did in 2013.


 Laurel Bern Interiors Portfolio - green and white rooms

I was blessed with an architectural gem. It really is cheating.



Quadrille Lyford Trellis Wallpaper in this Bathroom by Sarah Bartholomew


You might recall seeing this pattern in red and white in this gorgeous dining room.


coleson_botanical-botanica_topiary-topiarius - green and white roomsAbove and below is a beautiful topiary design wallpaper by Cole and Sons


Cole and Son green and white wallpaper Topiary detail


bill-brockschmidt-courtney-coleman-study-photo - Peter Murdock - chair fabric - Lee Jofa Althea

A charming study by Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman – photo – Peter Murdock –

chair fabric – Lee Jofa Hollyhock


Althea-citron-Lee-Jofa-Mark D. Sikes fabric on chair

Actually, I think it is Lee Jofa’s Althea Citron. I get Hollyhock and Althea mixed up. They are very similar patterns and colorways.


Architectural Digest - Tory Burch Green and White bedroom - Brunschwig and Fils - Bird and Thistle

Architectural Digest – Tory Burch Green and White bedroom – Brunschwig and Fils – Bird and Thistle.

And, if you’d like to know how to get a sunroom like Tory’s, click here.

Some of you might recall that we did Bird and Thistle in the brown and cream colorway for draperies for this beautiful home.


Parting words:


When doing green and white rooms, I think it’s always good to add some accents of other colors. And, it’s also very beneficial to add black, and a little gold or brass. In addition, I always love to vary the shades of green. Finally, there’s almost always some brown because of the stained wood tones. In any case, adding some warmth is a good thing when doing green and white rooms.


I better answer the question in the title? ;]


Green and white rooms might be on trend. However, I don’t think they’ll ever be passé. Green and white rooms are an enduring classic, in my opinion.

Below is a widget for inspiration.


I added a few pieces that are not green or white, just to show some things that I think work well together. Of course, I wouldn’t put everything here in one room.

If you click on the individual images, it will take you directly to the source.





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