Discovering The Allure Of Granada, Spain

Granada - Sierra Nevada | Travel to Spain

Granada is famous for its high quality caviar which is a prized delicacy in the province. They are produced in the exceptionally clean waters of Riofrio which is a town in the western side of Granada. The caviar is harvested from the sturgeon that is abundant in the area. Granada has the largest population of captive sturgeon in the villas in bangalore area which numbers at 400,000.

This region of Spain also produces Beluga caviar, pat?�, frozen trout, fresh trout, smoked trout and creams. There are also lots of restaurants in the area that serve the famous delicacy of the region. Granada is famous for the house caves which is the traditional dwelling in the region. These primitive dwellings can be found in Guadix, Plateau and Marquesado. In the past, the local residents dug out their dwellings from the earth. They preferred cave dwelling because they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The cave houses also provide ample protection against various weather elements. There are quite a number of cave houses that offer accommodations for tourists for that unique experience. Granada has a very rich history that spans for thousands of years. Its history has a very rich influence from the Moors which is proven by the presence of several fortresses in the region. Another attraction in the area is Loja which is a town that has more than 2,000 springs.

Also in this town is the Alcazaba, a fortified military structure that was built by the Arabs. While in Loja, you can also head to the Posito Nuevo, a magnificent Renaissance building that used to be a mental hospital. There are also magnificent churches that you can explore in the towns of San Gabriel, Santa Catalina as well as the convent in Santa Clara. The Iglesia dela Villa in Motefrio is also an attraction that you should not miss. It is a majestic church that sits atop a huge rock. Granada is also known for its artisans.

These skilled artisans make a wide variety of products such as ceramics, carvings, furniture, guitars and so many more. Majority of the skilled artisans in Granada can be found in the district of Albaicin. Granada also offers excellent shopping destinations such as those located in the Great Via, Reyes Catolicos, Mesones, Zacatin, Ganivet Angel, Alhondiga and the Plaza de Bib-Ramba. These shopping destinations have shops that sell traditional items such as Nasrid perfumes. There are also lots of shops where you can buy souvenirs to take home to your loved ones.