DIY Houseboat Plans – Building Your Own Houseboat


One can do many things on their own. Houseboats is one of them. With a suitable set of DIY houseboat plans, and a lot of work, houseboating can become reality in a short space of time.

These DIY houseboat plans are all over the internet and in various books detailing how to put a house on water. Some things to think about are if one is experienced and has the proper training to put a boat on water though. These floating homes can have powerful motors and a lot of electricity flowing through them. One must be confident that they can handle this kind of work.

If the confidence is high, then it is time to find the perfect house boat floor plan. First, one should decide how big of a vessel to build. If the family is small or this is the first major building project, choosing a small houseboat to build would be best. Once that is determined, finding the right supplies and materials is essential. This is one project that should not be done on the cheap.

While it can be tempting to change the plans, the primary shape and size of the boat should not be changed. The shape and size of the boat has been calculated to determine the weight of the boards and how best to balance that to provide the best stability for the vessel/home. To change either one, size or shape, can lead to boards breaking or the house boat sinking. Neither of these things is good.

A couple more tips for the DIY houseboat plans. Be sure to have fun building your waterway craft. While building a vessel/home like this can be a lot of work, it can also be very rewarding. Be sure to enjoy the work and take pictures at every stage of the progress. Be careful and safe during the building process, there is no sense in getting hurt working on the project. It is better to go slow and take your time, then to rush, get hurt or mess up the house. Houseboat building is a rewarding choice for people who love living on the water.

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