Hamptons Style Home Inspiration from Kmart Australia


What makes a classic Hamptons style home so appealing is the refined combination of casual, coastal elements with luxurious finishes. The ends result is a comforting interior design aesthetic that offers a timeless look in the home. Kmart’s latest selection of home accessories and furniture is a must-see for anyone who is looking to create the stylish Hamptons look in their home!

Hamptons Style Home Storage Options

You can never have too much storage in the home! Complete your bedroom design, living area or study with a classic Hamptons inspired storage cupboard from Kmart’s upcoming collection. Hamptons storage cupboards are available in tall and short options with each style offering two colour options: a crisp white and a soft grey, perfect for a true Hamptons style home interior!

A luxurious yet cost effective multi-purpose cabinet that can be used to create additional storage in any area of the home, from the kitchen to the living room, study or bedroom. Kmart’s Hamptons inspired cabinetry options are available in both white and grey, allowing you to to create the perfect complement to your interior design scheme.
Kmart Trends_Hamptons Cabinetry
If you are looking for a smaller storage option instead, the short Hamptons inspired cupboard will do just the trick! This unit stands at 1.2m tall, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms, study areas and even as a complement to your home’s entry way where you can make use of the wall space above the unit for artwork or a wall hung mirror.

Hamptons Bedroom Furniture

Create a stylish and classic look in the bedroom with a new bed head! Kmart’s Hamptons inspired bedframe will perfectly complement a classic bedroom design style, adding a sense of height and grandeur to the space. The frame is available in three sizes to suit a single, double or queen size bed.

Hamptons Style Home_Bed Frame_Kmart
Available soon at Kmart Australia, the classic Hamptons style home is represented in this stylish, crisp white bed frame with options in a single, double or queen bed size.

Hamptons Style Home Decor

Complete your home’s new interior design style with a range of decorative touches such as mirrors, artwork, vases and soft furnishings. The beauty of a classic Hamptons inspired interior design scheme is that you can combine rustic, coastal decorative pieces with glamorous touches for that perfect balance. Clear or coloured glass vases as well as luxurious wall mirrors are both classic decorative options in this popular interior design style while rustic textures such as rattan or leather add that comforting, casual touch to complete your Hamptons design scheme.

Hamptons style home_Kmart Wallpaper
Another exciting way to introduce a decorative touch to your Hamptons styled interior is to use a luxurious wallpaper to create a sense of life, character and charm in the space. Kmart’s selection of self adhesive wallpapers provide an excellent choice for the study, bedroom or living area with an impressive range of options available to choose from.

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