Handyman Skills Every Father Should Have

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Home maintenance is not exactly easy. Some home maintenance stuff requires professionals, such as electrical, plumbing, and appliance repair issues. But there are also several handyman tasks that you can do around the house, especially if you’re a father. Having the right handyman skills at home can help you be a good example to your children about taking ownership of your home and going above and beyond your role as the provider for the family. 

Handyman Skills Fathers Should Have 

While a man’s identity as a husband and father is not determined by the things they know, we also believe that having certain skills add value to their roles in the family. Here are some of the most valuable handyman skills every father should learn: 

Deal with leaky faucets

Whether you buy a newly-built house or a pre-owned property, you will eventually face leaky faucets. It’s just a matter of time. In most cases, leaky faucets are caused by faulty washers inside handles. If you’ve replaced the washer successfully, but it still leaks, it’s time to call in the big boys. 

Unclog and snake a drain

Nobody wants a clogged drain. But it is one of the inevitable things that come with a home. Leave a drain clogged, and you’re sure to end up with a bigger mess than you think, such as structural damages to your home. To prevent worse problems from happening, you need to learn how to unclog a drain and snake it when needed. 

Locate a stud

Studs are vertical beams supporting walls ideal for mounting TV screens or decorations and mounting heavier furniture like a wooden bookshelf. Locating a stud in walls isn’t rocket science, even if you don’t have a stud finder. They are typically set apart at 16 to 24 inches from each other. You can locate one either by tapping on the wall (studs produce a denser sound than the hollow sound the rest of the wall makes) or checking where the nails are driven in baseboards. From there, you need to measure it out across the room. 

Hang objects on the wall

Hanging objects on the wall such as shelves and decors can be easily done by anyone. If you’ve already become an expert stud locator, then you can use that to your advantage to hang heavier objects by mounting them on studs. However, due to aesthetics, an object’s placement won’t always fall on a stud, so you’ll have to mount them on the board using an anchor screw. Take note, though, that no amount of anchoring will guarantee that a heavy object will stay up apart from a stud’s support.  

Clean the gutters

Let’s be honest here. Nobody is looking forward to cleaning gutters. Not a one. But it still needs to be done. Otherwise, you will risk clogging your drain, which can lead to bigger issues that will compromise your house’s structural integrity. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. And by that someone, we mean you, dad. 

Replace doorknobs

The great thing about replacing doorknobs is this is rarely done. It’s not a part of your regular home maintenance checklist. But when the time comes that one or more of the doorknobs in your home need to be replaced, you have to be prepared. Sure, you can hire a handyman to do the job for you, but you can save money and impress the wife and kids if you can DIY it. 

Replace furnace filters

Unlike doorknob replacements, replacing furnace filters should be done frequently — at least every three months. This must get done regularly because it affects the air quality inside your house. Poor air quality can lead to health problems in the long run. Plus, changing them regularly helps improve your HVAC system’s efficiency and prolong its lifespan. 

Dig up a hole in the ground

If you think digging a hole in the ground only requires a shovel and a stomp on it, you’ve never been more wrong. The risk of slicing open a buried power line is real. Before doing any digging, visit digsafely.com so you can get in touch with the agency that handles the underground utilities in your area. This will help save you from being put in a hole in the ground. 

Men are all individually gifted with skills that help them provide for their families’ needs. But having some handyman skills can also help men give their families an added sense of safety and security. 

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