How are laminate sheets made?

Manufacturing Process of Decorative Laminates

Laminate sheets are the trendiest go-to finishing item that provides a sense of aesthetic and class to modern interior setups. They are available in a wide variety of designs, patterns, finishes, and textures. So, they are greatly used to decorate the interior space of both residential and commercial spaces. To be more specific, they are often used in corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, commercial complexes, and residential buildings. 

Moreover, the primary function of laminate is to be a perfect substitute for the richness of rare and expensive flooring materials, including wood and marble. In addition to that, there are several advantages of using laminates over traditional materials, including being economical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. 

Now, let’s understand how laminates sheets are manufactured in detail. 

Step-by-Step Manufacturing Process of Laminate Sheets:

  1. Saturating Laminate Paper

The back portion of laminate sheets is usually made up of Kraft papers. These Kraft papers are first drenched in resin that contains phenol. So, they absorb phenol and form a saturated layer on their surfaces. After that, these papers are dried in a drying oven where hot air is blown on the paper. 

After finishing these things, the top layers of the laminate sheets called the decorative layer, are added to the sheets. 

However, the manufacturing procedure for solid colour decorative and textured or printed design laminates are different.

2. Manufacturing Process for Solid Coloured and Printed Design Decorative Laminate:

Solid Coloured Decorative Laminate:

For manufacturing solid-coloured decorative laminate, the decorative layers are saturated in more durable melamine resin. Two big rolling rings are used to get rid of the excess resin. Because of this resin treatment, the resin will stiffen and brittle, which will make the laminate sheets resistant to any kind of wear and tear. 

Printed Design Decorative Laminate:

For manufacturing printed design decorative laminate, manufacturers cut decorative layer papers according to the size of the Kraft papers’ size. They are stacked by placing overlaying paper on the sheets according to their designs. This overlaying paper is generally transparent and can be further saturated with melamine resin. 

3. Drying

The saturated papers of both kinds, i.e., solid coloured and printed design decorative sheets are now dried in drying ovens. Hot air is blown on the decorative sheets to dry up the resin in a few seconds. 

4. Stacking

After the decorative sheets are dried, each of them is placed with Kraft paper. On top of each decorative layer, an extra finished plate is placed that will prevent the finished laminate sheets from sticking together. 

5. Thermosetting 

After the decorative layers are placed on top of the Kraft papers, intense heat and pressure are applied to stack them on each other strongly. Meanwhile, the textured plates imprint their print on the heat-softened resin, which helps to texture the surfaces of the laminate sheets. 

6. Finishing:

After stacking and pressing, the laminate sheets are cold off. Then, thorough and careful inspection is conducted, and the laminate sheets are again stacked to cure which supports them to get stabilised. The planks are then profiled where they are cut around the edges that are required for proper fitting during installation. 

Benefits of Using Laminates:

  • Moisture-Resistant:

One of the best features of laminates is moisture-resistant. So, they can be perfectly used even in high moisture-containing areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Plus, laminate sheets can also be used as the top covering of furniture and protect them from moisture. 

  • High Durability:

Laminate sheets are also quite durable and can perfectly act as a protective layer to the furniture surface. So, these laminate sheets protect against scratches, stains, and other damage. 

  • Affordability:

Besides high durability, these laminate sheets are also budget-friendly surfacing solutions. Moreover, they provide an amazing aesthetic look and feel to every place and elevate the overall appearance of the space. 

  • Wide Range of Options:

Laminate sheets are available in a large number of designs, patterns, textures, and designs. Moreover, laminates are empowered with a rich and long-lasting experience within every space. 

The Final Thoughts

By now, you must have understood how laminate sheets are manufactured, and how you can use them to bring out the most beautiful look of your space. So, if you are renovating your house or redecorating your office, you should totally think of using laminate sheets. For the best kinds of laminate sheets, you should visit Royale Touche today. 

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