How Do Titles Affect Your Scrapbook Layouts?


How’s it going for you with creating your own digital scrapbook page layouts this week?

Did you remember you’re not trying to put every photo you have ever taken into your single scrapbook page layout? I know that it’s hard sometimes not to put lots of digital photos on a page… but remember, sometimes Less is really More!

You sometimes need to build your digital layouts around a single focal photo and then embellish it with just a couple of smaller supporting digital images if you like.

That brings us back to our original question…

How do our chosen titles affect our digital scrapbook page layouts?

Let’s look at it this way, we do our best to try and make our scrapbook page titles interesting so they’ll catch the reader’s attention. Sometimes using a simple phrase that means something to us personally or evokes emotional memories can be a better option that just a plain descriptive title.

Let me give you a quick example. If your child is always refers to his uncle Brian as UnCow Brain… then a title phrase like “Johnny and his UnCow Brain” might make a better choice for your scrapbook page layout rather than “Uncle Brian Takes Johnny Fishing.” That way whenever you, your family (including little Johnny) or future generations look at it in later years, it will immediately evoke all the memories of the time when John was a little boy of three.

If you put just a little extra thought into choosing the titles for your digital scrapbook layouts, they then become a true part of the story you’re telling and not just large words at the top of the page.

It’s because your scrapbook (digital or handscrapped) page layouts should always be more than just a bunch of photos placed on a page!

Page titles and phrases should always be a part of the scrapbook layout’s story and not just wasted space.

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