Before moving to the steps let us know first, what is ETFs trade.


Many people trade ETFs just like any mutual fund investment or like any share market. Though there is some similarity between them, it is very different from them both. In ETFs trade, just with a single purchase, you can purchase the stocks of many companies together and this is the main thing that makes it very different from mutual fund investment and share market.

Open a bank account

The very first step to start trade ETFs is to open your account. This account is not any general savings or current bank account. It is a combination of two accounts that is Demat account and the trading account. The role of these accounts is different. With the trading account, you can do transactions. That means with this you can pay after buying the shares and here you can receive the money when you sell the share. On the other hand, Demat accounts can not do money transactions like trading accounts. The sole purpose of this account is to keep the record of every single share sold or purchased. So if you open these accounts, you start the entry in the world of ETFs trade also. Additionally, you can also open any brokerage account for this purpose.

Choose the First ETF with care

The next step to enter the world of ETFs trade is to choose the best ETF plan for you. This selection depends on many different things. One of the best things to do is to choose the ETF with a passive assets management plan. If you go with this type of plan, the chances of profit will increase and also the invested money would be reduced. Hence, as a beginner, investment with passive income or passive money management would be best.

Be relaxed and let the ETFs work on their own

It’s a very common problem of us all that once we invest in something, we keep tracking the things and detail about that so many times. Sometimes this so many times happens just in a single day. This is good to check sometimes especially with other things, but with this account, you should not do things like this. This is so just you have to invest once and then you need to do nothing. Your checking too many times will not make any difference in the result. Hence the best way to do so is to leave them and let the ETFs work on their own. You can check more information like quote rankgainer at