Vehicle Wraps 3m™ Series 1080

The more vehicles you plan to change the more money you save with a professional wrap. We understand that it is difficult to take vehicles out of service.

Ways To Wrap Your Car

Took about 4 hours to remove all the vinyl AND the glue. Thank you for taking the time to contact us and I’m very sorry to hear about your situation. We recommend using Rapid Remover to get the primer off.


It is easy to apply thanks to the self adhesive backing that has been designed with air release channels so that even automotive vinyl wrap beginners can achieve a bubble free finish. This 3M vinyl wrap is an example of their high quality vinyls that are fantastic for giving a car a new lease of life with this matte black vinyl wrap finish film. Plus, their vinyls are incredibly durable as well as scratch resistant. Whilst it may be a little fiddly to apply correctly so that it is as durable as possible, it can cover every curve of a car when demanded. 3M have also made this black vinyl wrap come with non visible air release channels which ensures and aids users to apply their vinyl with no creases or bubbles.

Car Wraps

Use your sketch and measurements to determine how much material to cut, using a utility knife. Clean bird droppings, dirt, and difficult stains quickly. Letting them sit may cause damage to wrap and difficulty to remove after a long period of time passes.

Inspect the surface of your car and identify where the difficult parts to wrap are located. The problem areas will be the parts that have the most curves. Also, look at trying to fill any scratches or chips as these will be magnified with the addition of a chrome vinyl wrap or a car vinyl with another finish. This car wrap comes in a 5D finish that is incredibly glossy making it look very professional when applied either to the interior or exterior of a car.

Minor scratches don’t pose a problem, but chips, dents, gouges, and rust can cause problems with vinyl wrap. If the wrap sticks to the Van Wraps defect, it’ll greatly increase its visibility. If the wrap doesn’t stick to the defect, it’ll bubble or tear, ruining the wrap job.