How To Smoke Like A Pro Using An Electric Smoker?


How To Smoke Like A Pro Using An Electric Smoker-CookoutPal

If you are a food maniac and are a crazy foodie and have not to get your hand on BBQ. Then electric smokers are the best decision to make BBQ like a skilled one.

Sounds interesting? 

If you are new in the arena of cooking and want to make the best BBQ then these electric smokers are meant for you.

Not only for novices but also those who do not like to step around lots of coal and smoke then these are also a top choice for you.

Before going into particulars let me tell on what electric smokers are.

So let’s dive in!

Electric smokers

These are the appliances used for outside cooking. They use electric rods as heat mechanism and are much convenient and easy to use as compared to cooking that has been done on coal and wood.

There are different varieties of electric smoker out in the market that offers you the best of them but pit boss electric smoker by Phoenix and are categorized as best orthodox smokers.

Everything about this brand is phenomenal. It would not be wrong if I say that they are truly a piece of great art.

How To Smoke Like A Pro

Now I will tell you about some simple skills and tip-offs that will make you master and you will all ready to get all the praises and attention of your friends or family due to finger-licking BBQ.

So lets the things get started,

Contemplate the following points to become a skilled one.

Preseason Your Device

To get in the best and maximum flavor in your meat, you need to preseason your appliance.

By preseason I mean the practice of eliminating all of the filth and leftovers that have been left after previous smoking.

Temperature Setting

This the most important trick to becoming a wizard in smoking once you have a command over it then almost half of your problem is resolved.


The temperature range of  200–225°F is considered an idyllic one for a few sorts of meats.

It also depends on the kind of meat that you are using, whether it needs to be smoked at a low temperature or on high.

Once you find out what is the best temperature range for all kinds of meat then you are half away from being pro.

Learning the swings of smoker’s temperature is an art though.

Do Not Over Smoke Food

It is the key to best smoking, when it comes to smoking the lower you provide the max you will get.

It means that you do not need to left your food for a long time in the smoker. Remember the fact that if you left your food for a long period inside of your smoker then it will be over smoked and nearly become indigestible.

Time Management

As you know that the best of BBQ will get in your hand if it cooks at low temperatures. So, it takes a lot of time to cook your food in smokers.

Want to get a proper smoke flavor?

Then get ready to spend a lot of time with your smoker. The longer it takes the better it makes.

Enough Cooking Space

If you have got enough cooking space then it will allow you to make your food with accuracy and in peace.

This is a sure thing that no one wants to kill their excitement just because of these tiny problems so make sure that get a one preferably vertical one because they come with large space so it is handy for your use.

Final Thoughts

This is a universal thing that the longer you use something or practice the better you get into it. The same rule applies here with smokers.

I hope you find the tricks and tips I mentioned above useful. Have a look at some recipes also that will help you in gaining experience and becoming a master.

Enjoy Joyful smoking!

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