If your feeling bored with the design of your home, perhaps it’s time to freshen it up with something a little more contemporary. A simple and elegant contemporary look can really change the entire ambience of your home. You may think the best place to start is the living room or the kitchen, but you should actually start somewhere else: the bedroom. Your bedroom is usually a place of refuge and if you really want to change the way you feel about your home, you should start there. Listed below are a few tips for making your bedroom a little more contemporary.

First, take a look at the furniture in your bedroom. Adding a few contemporary pieces can really make a difference. Simple yet elegant is the key to contemporary. Platform bed frames are an especially effective piece of furniture that can drastically change the look of your room. Next, look at the color of the room. It’s popular with contemporary colors to use one main color and then an accent color, like purple and brown, or red and black.

Looking at examples of contemporary rooms in magazines and online may help you find several ideas. However, the most important part of creating a contemporary space is lighting. Lighting can turn a boring lifeless room into an exciting, dramatic space. Accent lighting is especially effective. Look at lamps or accent lights at a department or furniture store to help you get ideas about how to use lighting to spice up your boring bedroom.

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