Mom designs her entire home like the 1970s | National

(FOX NEWS) — A mom in Chicago has turned her house into a tribute to the 1970s.

Corbyn Hanson Wittig, 51, moved into the four-bedroom home with her three kids and her husband last year. She told SWNS that some of the items that had been left behind by a previous owner inspired her to renovate the entire house into the 1970s theme.

In the process of renovating, Wittig said she and her family have opted to only use secondhand items.

“It feels like the right time to find alternatives to buying new due to climate change, so we turned to secondhand first,” Wittig told SWNS. “If you’re paying the same or less, why would you go and buy a bin from Target when you could get the same or cheaper vintage?”

“There is almost nothing in here newer than 1980 or more expensive than $25,” Wittig added. “You can often find something better in a thrift shop for less money.”

Wittig’s house is filled with multicolored throw pillows and blankets, colorful walls, bright lampshades and other 70s-themed decor.

Another reason Wittig designed her house like the 1970s was to bring more color to her living space than a typical modern “white and grey homes,” which are “such a boring path to take,” Wittig told SWNS.

“I love the flower power and the bright colors,” Wittig said. “In the 1970s everything had that style and we don’t now. I think many people are missing that maximalism – the total opposite of the white and grey homes everyone has now.”

Wittig encourages others to also use vintage and secondhand items when decorating.

“It’s about restoring, not renovating,” Witting said.

“Don’t tear out your wooden paneling or pink bathroom features, when you could use them as part of your design,” she added. “Not only is it cheaper, but if we turn to secondhand things first, we can keep more out of the landfill.”

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