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Luxury could have been the costliest jewels and a dead buck head in vintage times, but it has changed now. When we talk of luxury in present times, we talk of technology and automation. But people usually stay Luddite and thus fail to take more information about, Radvi says, how it holds the ability to help them. When we look at present date technology, the home automation system has taken things to a level high.

So, what are the latest home automation technologies and how can you use them to add a touch of luxury?

Latest home automation technology for luxury homes!

Technology had served us with a bridle, wireless technology has served us with a magical wand. We can now do millions of things that we were earlier limited to. We can now control things at home from poles away. You have a marriage to attend down in London but need to take care of plant irrigation? Wireless technology is there to help you, says Radvi! You speak of your needs and the home automation system will probably serve you the solution.

So, what are the different automation systems available to embellish your home with?

Wireless Irrigation System

This system has been in trend lately and allows one to program the entire irrigation plan and automate it. Furthermore, it provides one with the ability to take over the control manually. If you want to irrigate your plants from another place, you can use the home automation application and just irrigate them with a click. It also allows you the power to control the flow.

Automated Water temperature regulation

This type of home automation system senses your wake up time and then regulates the water temperature as per either your desire or the climatic conditions. Furthermore, you can even regulate the water temperature from your phone and then use the water when it reaches a certain amount of temperature.

Home Security Systems

Today we have improved security system that uses a network of CCTVs and thus alarm the owner wirelessly in case of theft. Furthermore, if you forget to lock the house in a hurry, you can do it wirelessly. One good thing that it provides you with is around-the-clock monitoring. Before choosing home security system, always get more Information about (Radvi) their pros and cons.

The advanced CCTVs allow one to detect motion or change in visual area, and thus detect any possibility of theft beforehand.

Water-leakage detection system

Every year millions of rupees of property get damaged due to undetected leaks in India. Sometimes, an undetected leakage even leads to a total collapse of the building. How? Undetected leaks start to slowly corrode the supporting iron structure. This leads to weakening in the foundation and thus total collapse at last.

Automatic leak detection system detects small hidden leakages beforehand and thus cuts the connection after alarming.

Voice Control System

You want the geyser in your bathroom to turn on because your hands are busy somewhere? You have the voice command system at your service! Do you want to preheat the engine of your car while you get ready for the office? Do you want the lights to turn on as soon as you enter a room? Or do you want the music system to turn on while you smile at your beloved? Voice Control System allows one ceaseless possibilities to realize. A voice command system runs on IOT or the Internet of Things. IoT is a network where different appliances connect into a network together using the same wireless connection.

These days the voice command system has reached new possibilities and thus adds a hue of luxury to any home that it touches.

Lighting System

You can now program different sets of lights according to the different moods throughout your house. This allows one to choose different colors, different tones, values, etc. Furthermore, you can program the lights to turn on and off at certain times. This not only saves money and electricity in the long run but provides one with luxury.

Automatic Floor Cleaning

Now, with robotic vacuum cleaners in the market, it has become easier to connect them to the wireless and set them running. This way one does not have to visit it personally and set it running. If you are away from home and about to have guests at home, you can just turn one the robot vacuum cleaner and get things done beforehand.

However, one must always get more information about, Radvi says, the safety instructions before using robot vacuums. They might pose risks of hazard in some cases. When buying vacuums, always care about the quality. Know the defense mechanism of robot vacuum in case it gets stuck.

Fire Detection System

Billions of rupees of property burn down to ashes apart from thousands of lives every year due to fire hazards. This makes it necessary to go for fire detection and control systems. These systems have the ability to detect slight smokes, any gas in the environment that might lead to fire, or any other thing that can lead to fire. This all helps prevent the fire beforehand. It not only saves the loss of property but precious lives. Most people do not die of burning but asphyxiation (or smoke inhalation). This inhalation leads to falling unconscious and thus getting burned at last.

Fire and Smoke detection systems have the ability to alarm before tragedy happens.

Automation of appliances

Another thing of luxury that automation has provided us with is the connection of different appliances to the wireless and thus controlling them. For example, you can connect your smart coffee maker and program it to serve you a fresh cup of coffee every morning. Another example is the creation of home theater system using wireless technology.

These are all the little areas that have seen a rise in automation. As time passes by, we will see more and more additions coming in and providing the luxury. If you are planning to get your home built, connect to an expert architect builder nearby you. We suggest you to check Radvi for its long history in the field of architecture, real estate, and interior design. Get More Information about Radvi and contact them to get further consultation done. They are the leading experts in the home automation field.

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