New Horizons’ Cutest Villager House Exteriors

Choosing design themes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be difficult, but one of the best ways to carry any aesthetic throughout an island is to make use of the cutest villager house exteriors. Although there are seemingly endless design options in New Horizons, there are only a few buildings in the game. Of these, only player houses can be customized to fit in with the rest of the island’s décor. The lack of design choices for buildings like Resident Services or the Museum can feel limiting at times, but fortunately, players have many more options available when selecting villager homes, the most common buildings in the game. As many as 10 New Horizons villagers can live on an island at one time, each with their own house design. With almost 400 recruitable villagers in New Horizons, there are plenty of cute villager home options available, no matter the island theme.

There are a variety of motivations for selecting which New Horizons villagers should move to an island, with some players looking for a specific personality type or animal species. One of the most important details to consider for decoration purposes, though, is what the exterior of the villager’s house looks like. Each villager’s house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is unique from the others, inspired by its individual villager in color and design. Their houses’ interior designs in New Horizons can change depending on items they receive or when they move onto the island. However, every villager’s house exterior will always be the same.

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Outdoor decoration is such a large part of New Horizons, and villager house exteriors make a great source of inspiration for designing an island. The huge variety in house styles is created through different combinations of roofs, doors, textures, house shapes, and colors. There are so many details to choose from, but just as with the villagers themselves, some house designs are more helpful to certain themes than others. These Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager house exteriors are some of the cutest ones available in the game.

Villager Diana’s Cute New Horizons House Exterior

ACNH Cutest Villager Houses Diana

Diana is a deer villager in New Horizons with a clean exterior that’s elegant and regal, perhaps as a credit to her appearance-obsessed, snooty personality type. Although the stone-like texture makes the house feel warm and inviting, it is the smaller details that really make the house visually intriguing. The consistent arches and delicate design on the white iron grill door make Diana’s house a great option for players that want to bring a classier building to their island.

Villager Drake’s Cute New Horizons House Exterior

ACNH Cutest Villager Houses Drake

Drake, the lazy duck villager, has appeared in every Animal Crossing game since Animal Crossing: Wild World. His house’s exterior and interior have evolved subtly throughout the games, generally sticking to a camp/cabin aesthetic. In New Horizons, Drake has a beautiful pine or forest green house with brown, wooden trim and a wooden door. The earthy tones and accents on this house make it perfect for a natural or forest-themed New Horizons island, which Drake is sure to enjoy.

Villager Pekoe’s Cute New Horizons House Exterior

ACNH Cutest Villager Houses Pekoe

In New Horizons, Pekoe is a normal cub villager with a really cute home. The Eastern-style house has a great color combination of red, white, black, and gold. Pekoe’s window and imperial door have intricate designs, and her red lantern complements these details perfectly. Its unique shape with sharp edges makes this house a perfect option for a New Horizons island with a city aesthetic. Alternatively, Pekoe’s house would make the perfect addition to a more rural, traditional neighborhood as well, especially one that makes use of New Horizons’ many Asian-styled decorations.

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Villager Étoile’s Cute New Horizons House Exterior

ACNH Cutest Villager Houses Etoile

Étoile is a normal sheep villager who was introduced to New Horizons a year after the game’s release. As of now, she can only be invited to join an island through her amiibo card, but her house is definitely one of the cutest ones available. Étoile’s design is based on the Sanrio characters Kiki and Lala from the Little Twin Stars series. Kiki and Lala are often depicted with blue and pink hair respectively, which explains the pastel pink and pale-blue coloring of the house’s exterior. Étoile’s New Horizons home would fit in well with a fairycore theme or an island with a colorful and whimsical aesthetic.

Villager Ed’s Cute New Horizons House Exterior

ACNH Cutest Villager Houses Ed

In New Horizons, Ed is a smug horse villager. He is vivid blue in color with a bright yellow mane and tail, which starkly contrast with his mostly white house. Aside from its aqua tile roof, this home is a blank canvas with clean lines. Its sleek design would look great anywhere on an island, whether placed on a high cliff or on an New Horizons beach by the ocean. This home can be adapted to fit almost any island theme, especially if players gift Ed with a wreath to brighten up his front door.

Villager Tangy’s Cute New Horizons House Exterior

ACNH Cutest Villager Houses Tangy

One of the most visually unique and long-standing villagers in the Animal Crossing series is Tangy, the peppy cat. Her house mimics her orange and green coloring, which itself mimics citrus fruit with a leaf attached on top. The white trim gives it a crisp feel, complementing the other bright colors well. Tangy’s house would be perfect for a tropicore island, especially during the New Horizons summer season when the grass is the brightest green. Adding palm trees, fruit-themed furniture, or bright flowers around Tangy’s house would make it pop even more.

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Villager Ava’s Cute New Horizons House Exterior

ACNH Cutest Villager Houses Ava

In New Horizons, Ava is a normal chicken villager with a unique house. This house’s geometric design is carried throughout the square, boxy building with its brick accents and the designs on the window and door. The red bricks match the curved shingles on the roof very well in color and style, bringing the whole design together. Ava’s house is very neutral and the brick accents would stand out in any environment, making it a great addition to any New Horizons island.

Villager Pancetti’s Cute New Horizons House Exterior

ACNH Cutest Villager Houses Pancetti

Pancetti is a snooty pig villager in New Horizons. Although her house is fairly standard with few notable details, it is the interesting color palette that immediately draws the eye. The muted mustard yellow, burnt-orange exterior with mahogany trim highlights the unexpected blue of the house’s simple door perfectly. Pancetti’s house would look beautiful in a cozy, autumnal theme, especially when the leaves are most colorful in ACNH’s mid-to-late fall season. There are so many cute villager home exterior designs available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that are sure to inspire creativity for many seasons to come.

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