Renovation of Muay Thai camp in Thailand at colorful Phuket city

Renovation procedure is part of your business maintenance. Every sports center goes through regular maintenance to ensure the safety and security of the people participating in the training. Renovation is undertaken after considering the scope for the improvement and increasing the capacity of the training camp. 

Two aspects are majorly discussed during the renovation. The first one is the expansion of the available space, and the second is adding more equipment, modern amenities, and facilities to upgrade the standards of the sports center. 

Renovation should give new experiences to the participants. Adaptation of modern equipment and technology will help the sports center to produce better results. People should feel encouraged when they see recent changes in the sports center. 

List of items that should be part of your renovation plan. 


Muay Thai participants spend half of their time working out in the gym or practicing cardio workouts to boost their strength. The gym equipment, practice sessions, and tools used in training need upgrades. Thus, while working on the renovation plant, emphasize the gym space and equipment. 

Interior of the building: 

Renovation is majorly focused on improving the interior of the building. Hire an experienced interior designer to get creative ideas to enhance the interior of the building. Give a traditional touch to the building. People should feel that they have come to the temple where experts in the field are giving them the knowledge to become Muay Thai fighters. 


Participating team members will be enjoying various facilities offered by the training camp, such as a fitness club, bathing area, swimming pool, modern gym, recreation center, cafeteria, and resting place where they can sit and recover from the physical stress after training.  

All of these facilities are essential to make people motivated about the training. See if you can add more facilities that contribute to the mental and physical development of the participants. Participants should feel at home and get training from the experts. 

Utilization of real estate:  

It is vital to know how to use the real estate of the Muay Thai training camp. A single square foot of the area is also crucial while building the camp.   Phuket city is a colorful island in Thailand. There are many Muay Thai camps in Phuket city.  Muay Thai for muscle gain is a good program in Thailand. 

When you decide on the plan for the renovation, check how much area is covered, what is left and where you can arrange more facilities for the participants. Do not leave space in the building. Every space can be occupied to support the camp and generate better output. 

The construction procedure may last for a few days to a month. Every passing day is crucial for the training camp. Prepare yourself for these days and ensure the work gets done at a set deadline. The structure of the building is going to decide the growth of the Muay Thai camp, so ensure every tiny detail is precisely considered during the process. 

Ultimate, the efforts you will put in during the renovation are to enhance the participants’ experience. Get professionals on board to ensure the work is done as planned. Once the members are happy, they will bring more business to the training camp.