Step by Step Process to Determine Best End of Lease Cleaning Company

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Quick Summary: When your lease ends, the most important thing you need to do is go for a thorough cleaning. This includes rooms, bathroom, kitchen, walls, and cabinets. Performing the task can be quite challenging; therefore, seeking help from the end of lease cleaning company can run a professional cleaning service. 

Every tenant moving out of a rented property needs to run a professional cleaning service and make it look like before. It is compulsory to give End of Lease cleaning for a hassle-free return of your bond in some states. Once you get the property cleansed, it is further reviewed, and if it passes the final inspection, then your security deposit will be returned. 

If you are a lessee and your rent agreement seems to be ending, and now you’re feeling the pressure to meet your landlord’s standard, you need to choose the best end of lease cleaning company. As you stick with us, we’ll help you understand how you can save your money and get back your deposits through a professional cleaning service.

Step-1 Hire Professionals

Before you start any cleaning or sanitization work, please take out the copy of your agreement and read it loudly whether the property needs DIY or professional cleaning service. Most of the time, landlords or agents put conditions requiring you to offer professional cleaning before the end of the lease. 

As per the Residential Tenancy Authority in Queensland, a tenant needs to get the end of lease cleaning done from a professional cleaning agency if the owners had it performed by professionals before the start of the tenancy. And, if your rental terms don’t require that, you can go for DIY.

Step-2 Creating a Cleaning Checklist

Before hiring an end of lease cleaning team, knowing what to do and when to do it is very important. Moreover, it will help you meet the expectations of your property owners. Most professional cleaning teams visit your site and create their cleaning checklist.

While this is not necessary, you can also seek an on-spot cleaning service, but creating a cleaning checklist will allow your cleaning professionals to sanitize the property like a pro. Look around the property and mark down all the places that you think are vulnerable points. 

Step-3 Kick starting The Cleaning Works

Search online for the best end of lease cleaning company and fix a date for cleaning the property. Once they arrive at the site, the real deal now starts. Here’s what you can opt for,


The kitchen is unquestionably one of the most complex areas for cleaning. It becomes dirty more than often due to all sort of food items and disposals; therefore, we recommend going with the kitchen area; however, check the list below for a detailed insight

  • Proceed from the top, making all the way down to the bottom. Clean cabinets, storage units, and countertops
  • Sanitize the countertop areas and the stove
  • Clean the dishwasher, oven, and other areas
  • Sanitize and disinfect the sinks and drains
  • Don’t leave the cabinets below the countertops to be cleansed
  • Wipe and disinfect handles, switches, and other high touch areas
  • Vacuum/sweep the floor and mop from the innermost corner to the entrance

Cleansing the Bathroom

Once the kitchen area is polished, now focus on the bathroom by running the following points

  • Add cleaning solutions to the sink, bathtub, and toilet bowl. These solutions take 15-20 minutes to act effectively
  • Meanwhile, clean the mirrors, countertops, and the storage units
  • Now clean the bathtub and remove soap scum, the sink and drain
  • Wash the toilet bowl, seat, rear areas, and other bathroom accessories
  • Wipe the high touch surfaces neatly
  • Disinfect the entire bathroom
  • Sweep and mop the floor

Cleaning Other Areas

Once the kitchen and bathroom have been cleansed, half the work is done. Now your end of lease cleaning team will need to perform activities in the other areas.

  • Take the top to bottom cleaning method and clean each area in a circular pattern and sanitize effectively
  • Remove cobwebs and spot clean the walls & baseboards
  • Clean drawers, cupboards, and storage units
  • Wipe or vacuum blinds, window frames/door, air vents, and tracks
  • Dust and clean handles, switches, knobs, fixtures
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor


If you have pets, you may further require going for a flea removal service. Likewise, if there’s any pest or rodent infestation to the property, you may also need to hire a pest control authority and get the property sanitized.

In the end, getting the property cleaned is the only priority. The guideline of RTA states that it is the responsibility of the tenant to return the property as it was before the occupancy. By following the instruction, your chance to get back your bond is guaranteed.