The 2022 Genesis GV70 is available in a surprising rainbow of colors

The Audi Q5 and BMW X3 xDrive30i are offered in only one color: blue. All other choices are a grayscale palette of white, black and gray. And if you’ve been around a luxury car dealership, you’ll know this isn’t an isolated incident. We suspect this is due to an initial style trend kicking off a vicious cycle of customer demand, a silly fear of resale value and dealership managers not wanting to take a risk, but either way, it’s depressingly drab and boring. It’s really hard to break out of a conservative aesthetic trend. 

But here comes Genesis, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s doing its damnedest to break the world out of its grayscale doldrums. After the fabulous green-on-green GV80 and the G80’s luscious blue cabin comes the new 2022 Genesis GV70 compact crossover. It offers such a broad spectrum of colorful exteriors and, more notably, interiors that we had to check our calendars and make sure we weren’t transported back to an earlier decade. 

There’s still black and multiple whites and grays, but as you can see above, you can get the handsome little SUV in vibrant Mauna Red, classy Adriatic Blue, stately Cardiff Green metallic and, perhaps the most surprising offering, Barossa Burgundy metallic. Oh, but there’s more. You can get that light purple color in a matte paint option as well as a different verdant offering of Brunswick Green Matte. So, to be clear, the GV70 offers two shades of green and two finishes of light purple. You can’t see us, but every Autoblog editor is currently standing at their home desks and applauding. 

And we’ll keep on standing, cause check out all those interior options. Admittedly, these are tied to different trim levels and you can’t get every interior with every exterior. Sorry, no burgundy interior with green exterior. Clearly, Genesis has a person in charge of styling who is keen to not only make a statement, but to make sure that all these wonderful choices are paired together the “right” way. And I mean “styling” in the fashion sense whereby you pair the right shoes and skirt with the right shirt and handbag; not the atypical car sense where “styling” is synonymous with “design.”  

Do we fear that dealers will just order the black cars and few customers will want anything to do with green, purple or red? Yes, that seems extremely likely. But when you look around at fashion and general aesthetic trends, color is indeed making a comeback. You can tell the designers and stylists at various car companies are trying to join that trend — every new car seems to have at least one vibrant option initially — but are inevitably stifled by market realities. Again, it’s really hard to break out of a conservative aesthetic trend, especially when we’re talking about a $50,000 luxury car rather than a $150 pair of shoes. 

Nevertheless, here’s hoping that the GV70’s colorful option get it some attention and help the automotive industry break out of its long grayscale dark ages.  

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