Tiling a Kitchen Splashback Ideas You Must Know


What Is Tiling a Kitchen Splashback?

Tiling a kitchen splashback can be described as the finishing touch every kitchen needs. Tiling splashback protects your wall from splashes that could be caused during washing up. Additionally, they add color and pattern to your scheme. 

Kitchen tiles come in different styles. There are very many kitchen tile ideas that could inspire the new theme for your kitchen. If you have never tiled your kitchen, a kitchen splashback is a good starting point.

How To Tile Kitchen Splashback

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Kitchen splashbacks do not have to be a certain height. They can be as low or high as you would like. There are tile kitchen splashbacks that are only single-row tiles, others go to the level of the kitchen cabinets. There are tiles splashbacks that go all the way to the ceiling. The height of the kitchen splashbacks is determined by your personal choices and the look you seek to achieve for your kitchen.

Installing tiling kitchen splashback is very easy to do. Additionally, learning to fix the kitchen tiles for yourself will equip you with skills to tile other parts of the home like the bathroom. As compared to other types of splashbacks such as glass, tiled splashbacks are cheaper. 

When doing the tile kitchen splashback, you need to set a full day that will allow you to prepare and allow time for drying and the cleanup. Setting aside ample time ensures you are not in a rush to complete the splashback.

splash back for kitchen, splashback tiles, subway tile splashback, splashback tiles bunnings

Tiling a Kitchen Splashback Ideas

When choosing kitchen splashback tiles, go for bold and bright-colored ones. Mixing colors and patterns properly stand out and makes a statement in your room. You can start with your cabinetry and choose a color that’s on the opposite side. This will help you achieve a visually pleasing contrast in kitchen tiles splashbacks.

Glazed tiles are a great option to choose for your kitchen splashback ideas. Glazed tiles are not only practical, but they also have a glossy finish that gives a reflective sheen that gives depth to the general appearance. instead of using a mirrored sheen, glazed tiles will add more brightness to your kitchen. It gives the room more lighting without adding exaggerated shininess.

  • Make Sure the Tile Splashback to The Work Surface

If you are looking into achieving a more high-end look, make sure your splashback matches the kitchen surface.  This mostly works well if you are using smooth materials like marble and laminate. When choosing the tile splashback, whether you are going to settle for original marble or material with marble effect, it gives a more contemporary look to your kitchen.

  • Use Gold To Make It Luxurious

This should not scare you because you don’t need real gold to achieve this. There is a material called Tek Wall that can be used as splashback tiles. Tek wall is a modern type of MDF material that has been created to fit a tiling alternative. It gives your kitchen both a contemporary and luxurious look.

Tek wall is very easy and quick to fix in comparison to tiles. Moreover, it gives your kitchen a more expensive and luxurious look on a budget. You can have a few sections of your brick walls exposed to give a more exquisite style.

  • Use Mismatch Tiling Kitchen Splashback

splash back for kitchen, splashback tiles, subway tile splashback, splashback tiles bunnings

When it comes to interior decor, it is more of a personal style. there is no paper rule of how you should do it and the colors you should choose. Even with kitchen splashback is no difference. You do not have to use the same type or color of splashback entirely on your kitchen. It is important to understand what splashback materials are applicable where.

Not all materials will fit behind the cooker or in the sink area. You should take the opportunity to play around with it until you achieve your desired look. You can choose two different tiles to cover the areas you use more in your kitchen. Using these distinctive colors could help you achieve distinct ones as well as a great visual appearance.

Subway Tile Splashback

Subway tile splashbacks give a magical touch to your kitchen decor. Subway tiles backlash is classic, affordable and versatile. It works perfectly well with most kitchen styles. If you apply a little bit of creativity, this can really make a statement in your kitchen. However, you can make it subtle and make the rest of the kitchen stand out. The subway tiles however do not have a reputation for going out of style.




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