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When Mani, the owner of Vasathi Builders based in Malappuram decided to build his own house, he had experiences worth more than two and a half decades to rely on. His brand new – house named ‘Idika’ in Kadampuzha is a majestic structure that boasts of fabulous features and all the modern amenities.

The plot that faces the East was perfect for construction as per the rules of the Vastusastra. When Mani purchased the plot, an old house had stood there. Apart from a room and the kitchen, the rest of the structure was knocked down. The family stayed here to oversee the construction of the house. Interestingly, the floor level inside the house is uneven as the natural layout of the plot was retained.

Mani confesses that family members had differences of opinions about the style of the house. He preferred a traditional abode while his wife and kids wanted to have a modern structure. So, the house features a fabulous blend of both styles, making everyone happy.

The elevation features the chic style of modern architecture while the interiors don the classy elegance of traditional style. The outer walls have been mostly painted in the serene white hue. A show wall highlighted with laterite stone cladding adds the perfect contrast against the monotony of the single shade. The boundary wall too follows the same colour theme.

Laterite stones that are lavishly available in the area have been used to build the structure. Meanwhile, the unique furnishing grants a splendid ambience to the interiors. The marble and granite used for flooring were purchased from Bengaluru. Most of the furniture pieces are made using teak wood.

Designed in 3600 sqft, this palatial house has a car porch, sit-out, living and dining areas, courtyard, kitchen with a work area and two bedrooms on the ground floor. Meanwhile, two more bedrooms, balcony and an open terrace too are arranged on the upper floor.

Mani says that it was his dream to own a house with an old-style inner courtyard. He is happy that he could include this feature in his new house. The interior spaces are arranged around this area. Interestingly, four sturdy stone pillars are what separate the courtyard space. Artificial rain could be created here to give a scintillating vibe.

There is a side courtyard beside the dining area. The outer walls of this area are highlighted using terracotta jali works. This brings cool breeze lavishly into the house. This beautiful spot has become the family’s favourite hangout area in the house.

The pantry kitchen opens to the dining area. The simple dining table has bench on one side. Meanwhile, high chairs have been arranged on the quaint breakfast counter.

The staircase features a simple yet sophisticated cantilever style. Wooden planks have been paved on the concrete steps. Meanwhile, steel wires are used as hand railings, adding a graceful ambience to the area. A small shelf and a sitting space too are arranged beneath the staircase to make the interiors space-efficient.

Two bedrooms each have been arranged on both the floors. The bath-attached bedrooms have wardrobes for storage.

The compact kitchen has everything arranged within the hand’s reach. An adjacent work area completes the kitchen space.

Kadampuizha house

The elevation features the chic style of modern architecture while the interiors don the classy elegance of traditional style.

All the trees in the plot have been retained to maintain a canopy of greenery around the structure. Even the elevation elegantly ‘hides’ behind thick foliage. A small pond and lush lawns make the landscape incredibly attractive.

Mani, who has built hundreds of homes, is proud that he could fulfil his dreams while building his own dwelling.

Project Facts

Location – Kadampuzha, Malappuram

Area – 3600 SFT

Owner – Mani and Sreeja

Designer – Mani Vasathi

Vasathi Builders and Architects

Mob – 9946933391


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