We put Aldi SpecialBuys dupes to the test for the perfect summer garden

Aldi SpecialBuys have become essential for UK shoppers when picking out the most perfect items for the impending summer months.

Now, we spent last summer and new products for this year, reviewing some Spring/Sumer items from across numerous retailers, but sometimes it seems we can get a better bargain at Aldi for similar items.

For instance, egg chairs were the must have piece of spring garden furniture last year and we managed to get our hands on two (one single and one double) but you can absolutely buy them at a bargain price at Aldi.

Here we have tried & tested log burners, BBQ’s, egg chairs and much more.

Here’s Gemma Sherlock’s thoughts on the Aldi log burner last year which was one of the store’s bestsellers.

Now there are plenty of alternatives on the market to choose from.

Aldi shoppers are going wild for a special wooden log burner.

The budget-friendly retailer has launched a huge range of barbecue, camping and garden products among their special buys and there was one item in particular we purchased last year that shoppers can’t get enough of.

Gardenline’s has sold-out already and customers are already wondering when it will be back in stock.

Aldi Gardenline Swedish Eco Torch

The eco torch is a wooden log burner which can be used both for cooking and as a heating solution outdoors.

Priced at £6.99, it’s a hit due to it being eco-friendly and because of its versatility.

Gardenline say the is ideal for cosy evenings, camping, cooking and festivals and provides heat for up to two hours.

The kiln dried FSC wood logs have been carved to be used as a burning torch firepit or for natural cooking and states food will be ready to cook on it in 25 minutes.

Customers have rated four out of five overall.

One online buyer said: “Hope these come back into stock!

“Bought in store for camping trip and wish I could get more.

“Great heat, no smoke and wonderful centrepiece to watch the flames dance. I would recommend resting on a couple of bricks to prevent damage to ground.”

Another said: “Beware, burns really well, too well in our case.

“Had one on the patio, burnt right down and cracked slabs underneath due to the intense heat. Spectacular while it lasted though.”

We had the chance to try out the log burner before it completely sold out.

Placing it on an existing barbecue, the burner lasted for up to an hour-and-a-half and provided excellent heat throughout the evening.

It burned beautifully and didn’t produce any harmful smoke either, which made it less of a worry lighting it later on in the day.

A great visual too and a cheaper addition to a firepit.

If you still can’t get hold of this , they have this alternative for £69.99 available online now and if you’re looking for others to give a try then you may want to check out these products below:

Here is what Hope Woolston thought of her Grey hanging egg chair wicker hammock garden swing seat.

Aldi will have their egg chairs back in stock soon, as stated on their website.

Hope Woolston: Rating: 4/5

Hope trialling a single egg chair

Egg chairs have become a real trend in the past few years.

Whether you keep them in you front room, bedroom or garden, they are appearing more and more on social media.

The egg chair has also become a favourite piece of furniture for many celebs including cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, while budget supermarket Aldi has seen large queues form when the hanging egg chair is launched as part of its ‘special buys’.

Also, are amongst retailers who have various styles for all sized homes- there are so many to choose from, shoppers are spoilt for choice.

With holidays cancelled for many of us over the past 18 months, more and more people have been investing in giving our homes and gardens a bit of luxury.

Home and garden shop BRIQ have a selection of egg chairs for sale. From standard one seater eggs chairs, to impressive double seats and even mini versions for kids, they have something for everyone.

We decided to give the Grey hanging egg chair wicker hammock garden swing seat which retails for £369 a try and the Double EGG Chair Swing Seat Double 2 Seater garden hammock chair at £519.

First impressions

Hope chose to have her egg chair perfectly situated in her garden

I only have a small house, I had already decided that my egg chair was going to live in the garden.

However, I wasn’t sure how the giant box was going to make it through the house and in to the garden, so we decided to unpackage it in the lounge and carry it through bit by bit.

Now I am the first to admit that building things doesn’t really suit me (or my acrylic nails) so it was my partners job to put the chair together while I ‘supervised’.

The holes in the stand had been closed up with paint, and there were some sharp edges, it just didn’t look like it was made too well.

It took quite a bit of wiggling, pushing and the assistance of a hammer, but finally by egg chair was built.

Perfect for relaxing

Despite the chair being a bit awkward to assemble, once it was up I was so happy with it.

It looks great, and didn’t take up as much as the garden as I thought it would looking at the box.

Straight away I was surprised at just how comfy it was.

I have looked at a few in shops before, but always found them to be a bit uncomfortable.

This certainly isn’t the case for the BRIQ egg chair.

I could easily sit in it all day, and imagine it is the perfect place for a nap in the summer.

Overall opinion

My egg chair is so comfy and looks fantastic.

It has got me really excited for finishing renovating my garden ready for summer.

I am really looking forward to warm days relaxing in my egg chair with a great book in one hand and maybe a gin in the other.

Whilst initially I though this egg chair was expensive, comparing it to others on the market I think it is actually reasonable.

The others I have looked at in the past all cost around £250 – £300 but are nowhere near as comfy as the BRIQ one, and I definitely couldn’t send long in them.

If you head to your local Aldi you may find some egg chairs in stock- BUT the ones available online claim to be back in stock soon.

Here is what Stacey Dutton thinks of the Double EGG Chair Swing Seat Double 2 Seater garden hammock chair

Rating 5/5

First impressions

I had the exact shock reaction that Hope did- I couldn’t believe the size of the packaging when it came.

I received the Double EGG Chair Swing Seat Double 2 Seater garden hammock chair and all the packaging filled my kitchen.

Once I had gotten all of the packaging off (which was an absolute nightmare to be honest with tonnes of plastic an d rubber to unravel), first impressions were good- it looked like it would be pretty straight forward to assemble.

I had no problems figuring out how to put the chair together- and let’s just say I am a complete novice with any DIY so it must be easy!

Once the stand was up, the poles were slotted in, and the egg was hung- it was up and done and dusted- a nice and easy assembly (especially on your own).

I just needed my son to hoist up the egg with me so we could hook it on but that was all.

Inside or outside vibes…

It kind of goes without saying how comfortable these chairs are- just look at them.

Genuinely, once I had assembled the chair I didn’t even sit on it for two days, I was working at my desk while my son was in school and then he would curl up in it all night when home.

Stacey chose the extra comfort in her living room

First off, I absolutely love how it looked in my living room- I had to move my rooms around a little to fit it in BUT it looked stunning as the stand out feature of the room.

We would spend nights snug on it with our new little kitten and it’s a dream to chill and unwind in – and perfect height for watching our TV too.

Now that the nicer weather has arrived- I have put it outside and I love how it looks just as an added feature which is perfect to sit in and enjoy my morning coffee in the sun.

Overall Opinion

An egg chair has been great for Stacey and her son to get extra snuggly evenings

I’m mostly impressed with how it’s magical powers have made my eight year old want to sit downstairs with me and not on his Xbox!

The egg chair is so comfortable and even though it’s extremely large- it fits the decor and overall mood of both my living room and garden perfectly.

Briq’s have outdone themselves with this double style, as you can’t fit two people in it comfortably without feeling squished and it’s slight swinging motion makes it feel even more luxurious.

For £519- I think it’s a bargain- just because you would pay that easily for a two seater couch which wouldn’t have the same WOW factor the egg chair does.

Stacey Dutton also tried out this Groupon bargain buy- but will it stand a chance against the Aldi Specialbuys offers this year?


Now that summer is on it’s way, this KONO Foldable BBQ Grill is a great addition for the warmer months.

In comparison to Aldi’s offering this year, this Groupon option is extremely cheap- but Aldi have their bestselling Gardenline Kamado Ceramic Egg BBQ available online which, we can imagine will again be a hot product to get your hands on.

Whereas, the foldable Groupon Grill, is best for a quick BBQ fix on a budget. It comes in two sizes which is great, as you could even get both going for a garden party for different BBQing needs- they are priced at £12.95 and £15.95.

So we tried both- we used the smaller size at home for a mini BBQ and the larger size we took to my brothers for a little summer garden party.

What I will say is, they are just as easy to get around as you would think.

It’s such a small price to pay to be able to take them out- and even for those days on the beach where you take a cooler of beers and cook as you go.

The KONO foldable grill is made of durable stainless steal and stands perfectly sturdy even on slightly uneven ground as we found.

As we have only a small garden no personal pictures would have done the grill any justice BUT, as you can see from the Groupon images online, the grill is durable and easy to clean- and great for cooking any meat on.

We had a lovely evening just me and my little boy cooking his favourite sausages, burgers and chicken skewers- and there were no issues it does exactly as it says on the tin.

In all honesty, the main selling point for me with this product is not having the disposable income for a bigger, more features BBQ- this is all me and my little boy need making it such an affordable and worthy investment for the summer when we do want to bask in the summer sun.

The online deals website also includes other offers on garden items which are becoming more popular as the weeks go on- including Hammocks, inflatable outdoor sofa beds and tonnes more weird and wonderful discounted products.

Jada Jones looks at how we can save on the price of our very own hot tub this year… here are some of the best out there on a budget

Get yourself a hot tub for less than £250 this summer

Hot tubs have become all the rage.

It’s hardly a surprise people are deciding to bring a little luxury to home after lockdown restrictions and the uncertainty over travel ruined our travel options last year.

One thing shoppers are raving about is the hot tub, with many selling out online.

Aldi have their hugely popular Intext Inflatable tub available online now, and while we have scoured the internet for your best money saving options, it’s not a bad price BUT this one we have found at Studio is even cheaper.

Hot tubs can make you forget where you are and provide a relaxing pamper in the comfort of your own home. – and gazebos work really well for cover so you can take full advantage come rain or shine.

A big concern that a lot of people have when it comes to investing in a hot tub is the price.

Well worry not, Studio are selling a four-person hot tub that should comfortably be able to fit you and three of your friends in.

It comes with a top cover and floor protector so you don’t have to worry about leaves getting in your tub when you’re not using it or excessive mess.

You can get your hands on this hot tub for just £249.99 (with a delivery fee of £19.99), which is so much cheaper than the sell-out Aldi hot tub.

That makes it one of the cheapest hot tubs on the market, and perfect for building a spa on a budget.

To place an order for a hot tub click here and have it sent out to you.